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Andres Vanderhorts A.
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SANTO DOMINGO.- The Dominican Congress must urgently pass the Competitiveness Law  for consumers to benefit from the reduction in the prices of basic products, as part of the DR-CAFTA trade pact’s elimination of tariffs.

National Competitiveness Council director Andrés Vanderhorst made the request while speaking with homemakers and workers in the barrio Cristo Rey, invited by the Foundation Labor Vision to explain why DR-CAFTA is a catalyst to competitiveness.

He said the prices of basic necessity products haven’t fallen due to the Dominican economy’s induced costs and because of the oligopolies that control some areas. "With the Competition law it will be possible to have articles at lower prices. The delay in the approval of that legislation is one of factors that have directly influenced on the fact that prices haven’t been lowered after the DR-CAFTA took effect.”

Vanderhorst said the State "must also reduce the costs of the economy, such as energy, which has become a great task that is being confronted by the central Government."

He said if Government services become more efficient it could positively impact the costs and lead to reduced prices in basic articles.

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2 comment(s)
Written by: JD, 25 May 2007 9:34 AM
From: Washington DC
More talk but less results. Energy is high as it has always been but prices should be lower due to the absence of tariffs but the oligopolies, lack of competition & more so GREED prevents retailers from lowering prices. The Dominican family budget is squeezed as a result WE pay MORE to buy LESS while the government only talks & meets.

Once US retailers enter the RD market the current oligopolies will likely be priced out of business and HIGH profits made today will not save them
Written by: mike l, 29 May 2007 11:27 AM
From: pop
jd is correct in his observation that the oligopolies will face their waterloo when lower cost products from other member states of dr-cafta arrive in the local market.however,their remedy will be to become importers rather than overhead,no risk.simply put up the cash,buy the product and resell.the labor force will bear the brunt of the meltdown,as always
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