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Santo Domingo.- The Government intends to conclude the talks on the tax reform with the Economic and Social Council this weekend, prior to submitting the 2013 Budget to Congress in a "very short term," Finance minister Simon Lizardo announced yesterday.

"We hope to finish this weekend, at the latest, remember that the Strategic and Social Council is a consultative body, as stated in Article 251 of the Constitution,” the official said after a National Palace meeting with the government's economic team.

Lizardo said the meeting with several ministers was to gather the information they’ll provide to the Council members, including a list of expenditures since 2006, and to be able to answer its questions at the next meeting.

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7 comment(s)
Written by: josean, 16 Oct 2012 10:08 AM
From: United States, I AM CHARLIE

They must Speed up the PLD MUGGING of the Dominican TAXPAYERS!

Written by: RobertoJose, 16 Oct 2012 11:59 AM
From: United States, FREEPORT, Long Island......blues, stripe bass and now doormats
"We hope to finish this weekend, at the latest, remember that the Strategic and Social Council is a consultative body".....<------ In other words, "Yeah, The deadline is not going to be met and we're going to need X-amount of time!!!"

This government always send in the Subs A.K.A Scapegoat. At the end, there will be a miscommunication and yadayadayada.
Written by: josean, 16 Oct 2012 2:05 PM
From: United States, I AM CHARLIE

No wonder they want to SPEED IT UP every second they Lose More Support; that’s if they ever had any other than in the PLD Thieving Political Committee!

Now the Foreign Business Community Slams the Regressive, Abusive TAX increase IRS Atabey Supports!

These guys sound like josean!

"Foreign firms urged the Government to find another way out to the deficit than taxes"

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.-The Association of Representatives of Foreign Firms, urged the president of the republic, Danilo Medina, to find other outlets to cover the fiscal deficit of 187 billion pesos left by the last government, on the grounds that the measures in the tax reform seriously affect the economy of the poorest.citizens.

"The increase in direct taxes on the consumption products of the poor middle classes totally contradictory to the rhetoric of social and economic development of the politicians in power."


Written by: josean, 16 Oct 2012 2:08 PM
From: United States, I AM CHARLIE

They suggested that the Government seek sources of revenue for the State in other ways:

"The revision of the disadvantageous contracts that have with energy producers and MINING COMPANIES" (Roy is going to be pissed); tax extremely high income people are not being taxed at appropriate levels as they should or that are simply not taxed at all; and the seemingly informal businesses that evade paying income tax".

"Support the proposed law on the control of wages that is in the Chamber of Deputies and review severence payments and onerous pension so they really compatible with the austerity that the country requires." 'Elimintae the " pork barrel" for the deputies and senators'. The Association said in a statement.

Foreign firms propose also drastically reducing the payroll of vice-ministers, advisers, consular posts and other of high salaried positions that do not play a necessary role for the country and which are clearly "political bonuses".


Written by: josean, 16 Oct 2012 2:11 PM
From: United States, I AM CHARLIE

I swear I had nothinh to do with the follwing:


They also called on the Government not influence or interfere so that civil society and the public prosecutor can bring to justice all those who from their public office the is rumored by citizenry are linked to serious acts of corruption; and if they are convicted have them return what was stolen from the State.

They believe that if the President goes forward with all these measures "taxes will be lower or at least there will be some moral support to ask for sacrifices".


Written by: josean, 16 Oct 2012 2:13 PM
From: United States, I AM CHARLIE

"Our Association is aware that address the points above involves the breaking of paradigms and clashes with political and economic forces, but we also know that the if the President does it,


In a document sent to the media, The Association of Representatives of Foreign Firms said that tax increases also harm national industries, tourism and national and foreign investment in the country, "especially to their competitiveness in the context of free trade we under the various international treaties and mentioned need to increase our exports".

Written by: JHCL2016, 16 Oct 2012 5:40 PM
From: Dominican Republic, EN PUNTA CANA: Jose H Con Leonel 2016!

Presidente Danilo Medina,

A mil con esa vaina; vamos a echar esto mas pa'lante con manos a la obra!

CONSEJO PARA LOS PERRUNOS, PPHACHUNOS, Y FANÁTICOS DEL MAMAGRONOMO ©: Pongan sus huevos para el '20, porque el '16 es también de Leonel!

Stop whining, coge pa'lante y manos a la obra!


Danilo es Presidente, Leonel 2016! /
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