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Santo Domingo.- The Customs Agency (DGA) on Friday announced the traditional Christmas tax breaks for Dominicans who return from abroad for the December 1 to January 7 holiday period, and haven’t been in the country for the last six months.

Customs said Dominicans can bring tax free items and gifts worth up to US$3,000, and as an additional benefit they can ship their baggage by courier) or cargo, if cone within the grace period.

It said in those cases the gifts have to be retrieved directly by the citizens who visit the country during the holiday season, by presenting their passport and comply with the tax break’s requirements.

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Written by: Danilo This user is banned, 19 Nov 2012 6:21 PM
From: Dominican Republic, SDQ --- VIGILADOR.COM (Beta) - Vigilando nuestra Quisqueya
Is there anything that costs more than $3k anymore?
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