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Montecristi, Dominican Republic.- Environment minister Bautista Rojas visited Manzanillo, Montecristi province on Wednesday, to put a halt to overfishing and the conflict is spurs among the Haitian and Dominican fishermen at the northwest border.

He met with the associations Dominican fishermen and Navy, Army and Border Security Corps among other authorities take the measures needed to protect the Northwest’s natural resources.

Rojas said the authorities encourage the conservation of the natural resources, to increase and motorize the area’s development and ecotourism activities.

He announced a meeting Friday with the Dominican Fisheries Council (CODOPESCA), local authorities and the Fishermen's Association, to secure the livelihood of some 110 families he says depend on fishing.

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6 comment(s)
Written by: danny00, 11 Sep 2013 4:19 PM
From: United States, Rhodes scholar oxford university
Dont think the Dr has the resources to do and enforce this overfishing.,,. Iam in the fishing business one big problem the Dr has is not only overfishing but they keep every they can catch.. lots of oversize fish are taken, ( nothing to eat )....the other big problem is polluted waters!..... poison the rivers to catch fish ?.,..,, crazy people and idiots ( this is also a big problem in many central and South American countries)...... Undersized fish but also we have many fish that are big but still are protected ( they make baby fish).....this why we have great fishing in the Florida keys with crystal clear waters..... The Dominican Republic can have the same if they intelligent about this problem.... Fishing and boating are a Billion Dollar business.
Written by: foresthill, 11 Sep 2013 6:35 PM
From: Dominican Republic, santo domingo
Please you are asking a mentaly deficient population to put away their brugal, stop beating their wives and stop over fishing. ps. lets not forget theri great children sex exploitation.

This will never happen.
Written by: danny00, 11 Sep 2013 6:49 PM
From: United States, Rhodes scholar oxford university
I try but in my heart I know u are correct with your comment.
Written by: danny00, 11 Sep 2013 7:48 PM
From: United States, Rhodes scholar oxford university
In the Florida keys the commercial Lobster guys are receiving $17.50 A Pound from the Chinese buyers who in turn ship they alive back to China... These lobster guys are getting wealthy.. Just a few years ago the lobsters price was down to $4Lb for the local market., We have seasons for the catch of Lobster and size of them. Few years back two guys took over 300 undersized lobster and where caught by our Marine police and where arrested and received 5 years sentence in up-State Jail with a fine of over $250,000 Dollars and they Also had their 36ft taken away by the State and sold at Auction.,,, as can see we take this "Crime".,.very Serious..,, and is a crime 1,000 of people make their living from the ocean .,, ....
Written by: jasfalon, 12 Sep 2013 5:58 AM
From: United States

It won't happen in Montecristi. People need to eat.
And it's all over the country.
This is an effort to just blame Haitians.
ALL my Dominican friends who fish do this in Montecristi too.
They take turtles too.

Written by: Arcangel96, 12 Sep 2013 1:04 PM
From: Dominican Republic
Overfishing, in the Caribbean, is not something new nor the exclusive activity of Dominican fishermen. In addition, overfishing is not an activity that can be blame on the overall levels of education of one group or another. For example, the North Atlantic Cod fisheries have not yet recover from the overfishing done by USA and Canada of past decades. This is a step in the right direction when it comes to this problem.
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