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Santo Domingo.- The Industry and Commerce Ministry on Friday posted unchanged prices on all fuels, after last week’s jumps across the board.

For the week from January 18 to 24, premium gasoline will still cost RD$248.50 and regular will cost RD$233.80 per gallon.

Premium diesel will cost RD$220.90 and regular diesel to RD$214.20, also unchanged, the same as optimum diesel, at RD$ 227.80 per gallon.

Avtur will still cost RD$156.40; propane gas will cost RD$110.50; natural gas remains unchanged at RD$30.50 per cubic meter; kerosene will cost RD$196.50, and fuel oil remains at RD$144.96 per gallon.

The Central Bank’s average posted exchange rate of RD$42.84 per dollar was used to calculate fuel prices.

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3 comment(s)
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