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Santo Domingo.- No later than March a team from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) would arrive in Dominican Republic to comply with periodic assessments for the economies of its member, as stipulated in the agreement.

According to economist Ruddy Santana however, this time the country has reasons to enter negotiations for a new agreement with the Fund.

The IMF delegation’s visit is as part of agreement are limited to assessing a country’s economy and then present the findings and make recommendations on its website, without the need for any commitment by governments.

Last year the IMF conducted a post-monitoring program on the Dominican economy, after the previous administration let  the Standby agreement expire early in 2012.

Among its key recommendations disclosed October 9, 2013 the IMF lauded the government’s efforts to restore macroeconomic stability, including work to raise income and spending cuts to reduce the fiscal deficit.

“I doubt that the government will need to go to the Fund, there are even current developments at the end of 2013 which show that growth will be accomplished in a confortable manner,” Santana said, quoted by

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5 comment(s)
Written by: rokete, 3 Jan 2014 2:48 PM
From: Dominican Republic, (((( DEPORT THE HAITIANS, BUILD THE BORDER WALL !! ))))

The International Monetary Fund,

The World Bank,

The Club of Paris,

The Bank Of England,

The Federal Reserve,

Deutsche Bank.

They are the international Bankers,

pushing behind the scenes,

a fusion in La Espaniola.

Open your eyes Dominicans, be on the alert !!!!

They are coming in march to put more pressure on Danilo's administration.
Written by: Perception, 3 Jan 2014 3:09 PM
From: United States
The "Check List" before the "Reconstruction".


Written by: rokete, 3 Jan 2014 3:11 PM
From: Dominican Republic, (((( DEPORT THE HAITIANS, BUILD THE BORDER WALL !! ))))


What ??

Written by: rokete, 3 Jan 2014 3:37 PM
From: Dominican Republic, (((( DEPORT THE HAITIANS, BUILD THE BORDER WALL !! ))))

Ever came to mind that China is scraping the worlds Gold,

and specially Silver that is more abundant,

because the purchasing value of the US dollar is falling sharply.

If can't buy Gold buy lots of silver.

The International Bankers want lots of Gold, to protect their money.

La Espanola has lots of Gold.

Guess what bankers want from la Espanola ??

Lots of Gold and cuchi cuchi.

A conflict and confusion created between Dominicana and Haiti,

will serve their purpose of exploiting us together.

Pulling out all the Gold, from under our noses,

while we battle each other.
Written by: Perception, 3 Jan 2014 10:01 PM
From: United States
"Credit Line" is "Max Out".

Note: Investigate what is going on "Camaras de Cuentas".

(-) US $1.4 Millions from "General Ledger".

Journal. ***
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