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Free Zone at La Romana.
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Santo Domingo.- The head of the National Export Free Zones Council on Tuesday announced a 4% growth in exports in the first half, on the recovery of its key economic indicators.

Luis Fernández said exports of medical and surgical instruments to the U.S. jumped 13% in that period, with around US$384.8 million income.

She said footwear exports grew 9.8%, cigarettes 6%, garments 5%, and cocoa beans 22.1%.

The official, who spoke after a mass to mark National Free Zones Day, said the sector counts with 55 parks housing 610 businesses, which exported US$5.03 billion worth last year, with 150,000 direct jobs.

Fernández added that several of those companies are providing more than 4,000 new jobs including industrial engineers, mechanical engineers, electricians, production supervisors among others.

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4 comment(s)
Written by: chillinout, 12 Aug 2014 2:28 PM
From: Dominican Republic
Just used an export calculator using US$100,000. of laptop computers as an example adding a US$1000. shipping cost and US$500. insurance cost.

Export from Dominican Republic to USA --- Duty $0.00, US Merchandise Processing fee $346.00, IRS Tax $0.00

Total cost $346.00 to import into America

From USA to Dominican Republic ------

Duty $0.00, Exchange surcharge $13,195, VAT tax $18,270

Total cost to import $31,465.00 Then retailer adds profit plus another 18% ITBIS tax I think.

No wonder why people have so little.

Taxes on a LED television imported from China to get out of customs ---- Duty tax 20%, Luxury tax 10%, VAT tax 18%, Exchange surcharge 13%

So. TV imports at $500.00 + 100 duty +50 lux tax + 117 ITBIS + 65 Exch surch = $832.00
A 30% retail mark up? 832+250=$1082+ 18% ITBIS (195) = total cost to public $1277.00

Total taxes cost $527 or 5% more than the base item price and 200% of the gross profit the store earns if they sell it.
Written by: danny00, 12 Aug 2014 3:58 PM
From: United States, Rhodes scholar oxford university
last time i eat at fridays in plaza acropolis...... food cost $2000 $600 pesos.... rather give the 600 to the waiter in the florida keys the tax is 7% not 28%... the food at fridays is so-so... nothing special.... 600 pesos tax?....
Written by: Radar, 12 Aug 2014 6:30 PM
From: United States, Aspen Hill, Maryland.

""last time i eat at fridays in plaza acropolis......""

Really.? ..And how did you get there.? did you take the "useless" Metro.? Or, did you drive yourself ? ..Since when does a Haitian-DR-basher come to patronize our restaurants.?. .And, at the Acropolis, to boot.!!
And how does a welfare recipient have the money for so many trips to the DR.?
It seems you're here all the time, visiting and eating at the best places in town.!

Are you smuggling drugs, Mr. Dummy00.?
Written by: Perception This user is banned, 12 Aug 2014 6:55 PM
From: United States, § 12 - 'A' D'is'CI'P'L'E of P'L'at'O'.
G R E A T.!!!

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