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J.M. Santos, D. Medina.
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Santo Domingo.- President Danilo Medina will fly to Colombia Wednesday, accompanied by a small delegation, to attend president Juan Manuel Santos’ inaugural .

The Dominican leader will depart aboard a private flight from San Isidro Airbase at 5pm, and is slated to return Thursday afternoon.

Presidency Administrative ministers José Ramón Peralta and several senior officials will accompany the Dominican President who’s scheduled to land at El Dorado Airport in Colombia’s capital, where he’ll be received by Bogotá officials.

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4 comment(s)
Written by: josean This user is banned, 6 Aug 2014 1:00 PM
From: United States, Guillermo President 2016 Because Our Future Depends On It!

........another USELESS TRIP in the meantime back at the Ranch here is the creative defense of PURPLE CORRUPTION!


Director CORAASAN sobrecarga la nómina con un botellerío, dizque para “ayudar” a Danilo

A juicio del servidor público, con su política de nombramientos excesivos está ayudando a reducir el nivel de desempleo en la República Dominicana

Director CORAASAN overloads payroll with do nothing jobs supposedly to "help" Danilo

In the judgement if the public servant, with his excessive political appointments he is helping to reduce the level of unemployment in the Dominican Republic

You got love the PLD Liers!

Written by: DimeDRwarrior, 6 Aug 2014 4:43 PM
From: United States, Boston
Right on! More tax money spent just to make Medina look good to the world
Written by: DONT_BE_SILENT, 6 Aug 2014 5:24 PM
From: Dominican Republic, Yo Soy Luis Diaz
Mamilo Gallina el presidente mas cobarde de nuestra historia.....Pendejo!
Written by: Perception This user is banned, 6 Aug 2014 7:05 PM
From: United States, § 12 - 'A' D'is'CI'P'L'E of P'L'at'O'.
"We(E)nd's-D a y - HU' MAN HU' MO(R)..



Killed 'he (MO)'T'her and burn'T" (R)OME.*

T'HE * Day 'he Ear'th St.OOD St.ILL.!!!

By "RA".

Note: Want to "ME'ET - MI - MA' K' ER".

P.S: M A N O R.*

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