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Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Ranchers and Farmers Association (ADHA), the Agriculture Ministry and the US Soybean Export Council will train beef producers to promote the development and sustainability of the country’s beef cattle sector.

The seminar "A Dominican beef cattle for the 21st century" will be held February 16 and Wednesday at Ciudad Ganadera (la feria).

“The organization works with the various governmental actors, exporters, slaughterhouses and regulatory bodies for more than a year to ensure that the country meets the sanitary requirements and production required to achieve the export of meat cattle to the US and European markets,” ADHA said in a statement.

The training will include Dominican, Brazilian and Costa Rican experts on topics for efficient management of beef cattle farms, animal welfare in transport and the slaughter of steer, health and traceability of cattle breeding and fattening, pasture management, and the influence of genetics on quality.

It will also discuss restrictions on the use of chicken manure and bovine meat and bone in animal feed for fattening and to fertilize pastures, grazing technology, management and reproductive innovation, trade statistics, reality and Dominican Republic prospects for exports and on dlimate change.

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2 comment(s)
Written by: danny00, 12 Feb 2016 4:17 PM
From: United States, Rhodes scholar oxford university
man to eat the beef u need to chew and chew.... u better have a good set of teeth. its not like peter lugers steak in brooklyn. ...... HAHAHAHAHHA
Written by: zooma, 13 Feb 2016 9:46 AM
From: United States, and Dominican Republic

The bottom line of all of this development and sustainability is cost. The producers can receive all the training in the world for this endeavor. Yet, nobody will advance with talks about the subsidies, the funds they will need to bridge the development gap from the native beef cattle we are accustomed to a quality home grown meat product suitable for export.

They, the experts, are trying to force N. American, European, and Japanese standards into a farming society not really ready for this improvement. Then, there is poor population having little purchasing power for meats, a market that will be exacerbated if the existing beef cattle production is split into two camps, standard and quality. A split will drive up existing standard beef cattle prices, a victim of supply and demand. Another hold down on the poor.

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