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Andres Navarro with OAS secretary general Luis Almagro
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Washington.- The Organization of American States (OAS) will discuss the topic "capacity building for sustainable development" in its 46th General Assembly, this year hosted by the Dominican Republic, June 13 to 15.

After the atypical 2015 Assembly, held in Washington due to the resignation of Haiti and with new secretary general Luis Almagro, the OAS aims to hold an annual meeting on issues that even transcend the entity.

"The previous Assembly resembled more an internal discussion of the organization, restructuring and budget. This year Dominican Republic leads the discussion to a new dimension as important as the proposed theme," Almagro said, quoted by Efe.

Dominican Republic offered to host the event this year in the 2015 Assembly and today made its proposal official with it signed the agreement at OAS headquarters in the US capital.

"We assume that with a more transparent, efficient and strengthened institutionalism we can have more assurances that the objectives of humanity 2020-2030 can be met," Dominican foreign minister Andrés Navarro told Efe.

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Written by: jjtarqad, 20 Feb 2016 11:31 AM
From: Dominican Republic
Sustainability, meaning to stay in power, first priority of our government. Our President and Minister of Environment, will shine in the events.
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