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Barrick Gold mine toxic  runoff dam.
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Santo Domingo.- Energy and Mines minister Antonio Isa onMonday said all need studies have been done to start draining the Mejita toxic waste dam near Cotui (central), calling it "a major step” to eliminate the environmental risk.

He said the project start is at the level of details, but affirmed that he already has the necessary resources.

The dam holds the toxic sediments since the Rosario Dominicana mining company, now operated by Barrick Pueblo Viejo.

He said the ministries of Energy and Mines and the Environment, the canals and dams agency (INDRHI) and Barrick Pueblo Viejo collaborated in the technical study.

Isa said president Danilo Medina administration has implemented mechanisms to monitor mining activities after the concession agreement with Barrick Pueblo Viejo was renegotiated to increase revenue.

"The country has made progress, there is permanent work by Internal Taxes, Customs, the Ministry itself, because we have a mining supervision protocol," the official said, interviewed on Matinal channel 5.

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Written by: Tiredofit, 8 Mar 2016 12:19 PM
From: Dominican Republic
The picture says "Barrick Gold Mine toxic runoff".

That is a flat out LIE.

Barrick does not own that dam or the property. They have no lease nor do they use it. I was part of the group that tried to get the Government to let Barrick drain those ponds, and properly treat the waste water three years ago. The Government REFUSED to spend one peso to treat the toxic waste.

They have spent none of the US$585 MILLION dollars they received from Barrick to fix this 40 year old issue, that was caused and left by the Government!!!!

Just to prove the whole thing is another LIE told by the Government, ask yourself;

What the hell would Customs have to do with pumping out the ponds?????????
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