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Sam Goodson (Shlomo Ben-Tov)
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Says from Miami he will return in June

SANTO DOMINGO.- The Plan Renove case’s only fugitive, Sam Goodson, rejected that he had escaped in disguise from the country through the Dominican border with Haiti, asserting that he traveled "normally" to Miami on April 22.

Goodson, also known as Shlomo Ben-Tov, was ordered by judge Alfredo Rios Fabian to post a RD$50 million bond and levied an exit impediment against him, told the Dominican newspaper Diario Libre from Miami that he left by the Las Americas International Airport, on April 22 between 1:20 and 1:25 PM.

 "Look, over there they say that I left in so many and whichever ways: I left the normal way, as I always have come (to Miami). I left by an international airport, where I had bought my flight, and I knew that we were going to conclude that day and return to my family,” he said.

He affirmed that he will be in the country on June 20, date in which judge Esther Agelán Casasnovas will initiate the criminal proceedings against the 17 charged in the Plan Renove case.

 "I am going to return in the same date of the trial, in the same way as I always have gone, by Las Americas,” he said.

Goodson, who claims to represent the Hyundai Americas Corporation, said that when left the courtroom as the ruling against the defendants was being read, he requested "permission from the judge," and went immediately to the terminal.

"I had no need to have remained any longer. My lawyer warned me that the Prosecutor would ask for a RD$50 million bond, which is one of the most ridiculous things in the world and we are at the moment going to try to appeal, because it is not right to do this for a man who demonstrated that he always went there and sat for eleven days."

He attributes the decision to a "political scandal" to destroy his image and that of Hyundai’s. He stated that the company (Hyundai) has nothing to do with the Renove case, because he delivered the vehicles at a Dominican port.

Goodson distanced himself from officials of Hipólito Mejía’s administration and the Plan Renove governing board.

He added that the governmental plan imported more than 4,000 units altogether, of which only 1,000 were of the Hyundai brand.

In an interview with Goodson broadcast in March from Miami, CDN’s Alicia Ortega reported that the Hyundai Americas Corporation was not registered in Tallahassee, Florida.


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