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Santo Domingo. - A Dominican journalist was fired yesterday after Armed Forces minister Ramon Aquino complained about a question that the reporter made to the cardinal Nicolas Lopez Rodriguez.

Adolfo Salomón, who has worked in the local television station" Color Vision” for 8 years, told the press that he was dismissed after Aquino sent a letter to that company, complaining about a question from Salomón recently asked to Lopez Rodriguez, asking to comment on the issue of homosexuals in the Dominican catholic Church. The prelate reacted angrily calling the reporter "insolent."

The incident took place on November 27, in a ceremony where Lopez Rodriguez was recognized by Aquino in the Armed Forces’ headquarters for his 25 years as Santo Domingo’s archbishop.

On Tuesday Aquino himself admitted on Dominican television that he sent the letter to the "Color Vision" executives, but not with the intent to seek Salomón’s dismissal, but for a reprimand.

"Just as the authorities respect the journalists, I believe that the journalists, at least in a solemn act, must also respect the authorities," the Dominican Armed Forces minister said.

Salomón described the incident as “intolerance”, and complained the attitude assumed by the TV station’s executives. "What hurts me most in all this is that I worked for eight years in Color Vision, and I believe that I deserved another treatment (...)deserved that they listened to my version," he said, adding that in his exercise he has "always" respected the ethics of the profession.

Yesterday radio and television commentators described the situation as a “major blow” to the country’s free press.

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1 comment(s)
Written by: Billy H. Adams, 6 Dec 2006 12:05 PM
From: Santiago, Santiago
The "reporter's" question was ligitimate in seeking a response to a universal question of the masive "cover-up" by Church authorities. This has been a serious question in theStates and theChurch has paid out much money to those abused by their Priests. It is significant that NO organization is immune from scandal in today's Society and the Church is no exception. It was unmitigated arrogance for the Cardinal to take the stand he did. He should ask for the reinstatement of the reporter.
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