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President Fernandez headed the graduation ceremony.
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SANTO DOMINGO.- President Leonel Fernandez said last night that English represents a great opportunity for youth to progress in the labor market and in technology and exhorted them to continue improving.

He said that in the Dominican Republic there is the need for young people to learn the world’s most universal language, science, technology, and the international relations of the contemporary world.

He stated that he supports all the revolutionary projects that contribute to a radical change of humanity, mentioning among them the electronic encyclopedia that allows human beings to access a source of the generating knowledge in any language gratuitously.

He said that the Wikipedia encyclopedia is in Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, Hebrew, English and other languages, which is most revolutionary that has been possible to obtain in terms of the diffusion of knowledge.

But he pointed out that the greater amount of information in Wikipedia appears in the English language because of the English language’s hegemony in the digital world.

Fernandez stressed that to know English is an advantage over those who do not dominate it and those who participated in the English Language Immersion Program also have an advantage.

He said that president George Bush met with representatives of schools and universities in the U.S. to promote education of the modern languages in that nation, especially Arab.

President Fernandez spoke in the graduation of 2,700 students of different institutions who graduated in English, during an ceremony held in the Sports Palace auditorium.

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