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At Anse-a-Pitre. File photo by goshen.ed.
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SD. The Government allowed the cross-border markets to reopen with the warning that they must be held in the center of each town with the hygiene and control measures the Health Ministry established to prevent cholera’s entry into Dominican Republic.

Health minister Bautista Rojas said in the case of northwestern Dajabón, its market will be held in the north part of the city, where it will remain until the threat of the disease disappears. He said the suspension of the market on Monday was until the authorities analyzed the actions implemented, including restrictions on some products from Haiti.

Meanwhile World Health Organization (WHO) representative Fadella Chaib said it’s no necessary to close the border or restrict travel and trade with Haiti.

Rojas and Pan-American Health Office (OPS) representative in the country Lilian Renau toured the border provinces to assure adherence to the preventive measures.

At least 500 of the Haitians who entered Dajabón yesterday were submitted to medical exams by Public Health personnel to detect possible cases.

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13 comment(s)
Written by: Haitian4Life, 27 Oct 2010 8:12 AM
From: Haiti
The entry points between Haiti and the DR will reopen on Friday, October 29th, under strict supervision of the DR health ministry. I knew that closure wouldn't last for a week. There is too much money to be made at those entry points. On average a Dominican soldier makes a minimum of $208.33 USD per day at his post. I bet if Leonel closes the borders for a month, the army would bring him down like a rock.
Written by: JimHarrington This user is banned, 27 Oct 2010 8:25 AM
From: United States
The Health Ministry couldn't prevent the poisoning of school children and now they will monitor and control the cholera epidemic???

Leonel gets more stupid every day.
Written by: HaitianDominicanPuertorican, 27 Oct 2010 8:34 AM
From: Puerto Rico, United States, HAITI, Puerto Rico
The Haitian officials should bring in some of the regular police and paramilitary police from Port-au-Prince to the border too. I know that Haitian security forces are stretched thin and very busy in the North and South West but sparing a handful of personnel would help things out at the border. This whole cholera outbreak is hurting both countries economically, more so hurting Haiti. its just horrible. ALL HAITIANS AND DOMINICANS, be aware, there are several reports that indicate that the cholera outbreak was started in the arbonite valley by UN troops from the napalonese contingent dumping their septic tanks from their portable toilets into the river. These foreign UN troops come from all over the world, they have all kinds of diseases, it is puzzling why the UN does not routinely screen its personnel before sending them to other environments. Its unbelieveable. Hopefully they fix this problem they created.
Written by: mfebs, 27 Oct 2010 9:14 AM
From: United States
I think it is so stupid that they do not control the border like this on ta regular basis. I heard the Cesfront chief say that "Haitians who cross to DR via the river in Dajabon without using el puente will be turned back", im sorry but should this not be the case every day of our lives. So he basically admits that they let Haitian's cross the border illegally on a regular basis and nadie dice nada. Nuestro pais esta siendo corrido por traidores.
Written by: WalterPolo, 27 Oct 2010 10:38 AM
From: Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata
He's given in again.

Mr. Plasticine man.

Written by: HaitianDominicanPuertorican, 27 Oct 2010 12:25 PM
From: Puerto Rico, United States, HAITI, Puerto Rico
The few Haitians that are trying to cross into DR should not be doing that, its illegal just like Dominicans shouldn't be trying jump in their yolas and try sneaking in over here into Puerto Rico. There are thousands and thousands and thousands of dominicans over here, alot of them illegal. People all over the world try to migrate to other countries for better opportunities and that might be a crime to laws of certain countries but its not wrong in the rules of survival. We are human, its natural instinct to want to migrate toward better opportunities. Lets stop calling each other names and stop disrespecting each other because as man, this earth land doesn't belong to any of us, along with the animals, we are just living here temporarily. God Bless!!!
Written by: ElFactor, 27 Oct 2010 1:49 PM
From: United States
Stop blaming the U.N. for the cholera outbreak, you Haitians are always blaming people that are helping you. I bet you anything, that the Haitians in Haiti apreciate what the U.N. is doing for them. Haitians are responsible for the conditions, they find themselves in today. The international community has given billions freely, has recently forgiven all debts, and still Haiti remains the poorest least developed country in the Western Hemisphere. Haiti's governments have been historically the most corrupt entity in all of the Americas and that's the truth. So stop blaming the U.N. and the international community and the Dominican government, for your failures. If the U.N. weren't there, you people would be doing the same thing you've been doing since the 19th century, killing yourselves.
Written by: HaitianDominicanPuertorican, 27 Oct 2010 3:51 PM
From: Puerto Rico, United States, HAITI, Puerto Rico
@ElFactor: First of all the United Nations troops have abused people in the rural areas the whole time they've been here, u aren't there to say the UN is doing a good job so why don't u stfu imbecile. I've spent time in Haiti and there have been plenty of scandals and controversy surrounding the presence of UN forces on the ground and media have covered these controversies. They are responsible for the cholera, there has been eyewitnesses who can vouch on that. U need to do some research in why Haiti is still poor, u might learn a thing or two about the real reason Haiti is so poor. U want to talk about corruption? DR is very beautiful but lets be real, DR is built off of drug money and corruption. DR was ranked one of the top most corrupt governments in the world. There's a Dominican Times article on that, u might wanna read it. DR is better off then Haiti but DR is far from perfect. If DR was perfect, all these thousand of illegal dominicans wouldn't be in
Written by: ElFactor, 27 Oct 2010 7:00 PM
From: United States
Mister you're an idiot, i know what i'm talking about you obviously are a total moron that blame everything on the wrong party. The Dominican economy was not built on drug money it was built on hard work, something an idiot of you're stature can't ever discern. If anything Haiti's extremely corrupt government and very weak institutions are involved more in illegal drug trafficking, since you're beloved Haiti does not have a formal economy of any kind. You could kid yourself, but you aint kidding me. As far as corrupt rankings Haiti is one of the most corrupt country's in the world, Dominican Republic is nowhere near Haiti's scandalous record. As for Haiti's poverty it is well documented through history that their leaders have always stolen the little money, the country produces, so i suggest you get you're facts straight.
Written by: HaitianDominicanPuertorican, 27 Oct 2010 10:56 PM
From: Puerto Rico, United States, HAITI, Puerto Rico
@ ElFactor: First off, my part Haitian, Puerto Rican, Dominican and I was born in the states, not Haiti, I just travel between country's for business and family. I know my facts and I don't think u know your facts, Dominican Today has all these articles of the scanalous activity the DR government is part of, DR is ranked near the top of the list, go look at the list. Obviously Haiti is corrupt, the type of system it has been governed under has been dictatorship type, dictators are all corrupt and that mixed with the fact Haiti had to pay France large sums of money is a large part of how Haiti is poverty stricten, eventually it will get on its feet but probably not in you or my life time. There's thousands and thousands of illegal dominicans running around here in puerto rico. Nobody want them here but they are here. Its human nature to go where opportunity is.
Written by: HaitianDominicanPuertorican, 27 Oct 2010 11:10 PM
From: Puerto Rico, United States, HAITI, Puerto Rico
@ Cbelk99: Learn to spell before u insult anyone. You are making yourself look stupid. Wow haha
Written by: ElFactor, 28 Oct 2010 11:36 AM
From: United States
Haitiano... That mumbo jumbo excuse of the debt owed to France doesn't hold water anymore. The recognition from France was not necessary for Haiti to move ahead economically, when Haitian exports and agricultural products, were being purchased in the U.S., although the U.S. did not obviously recognize Haiti as a nation, but more as a pariah state, until slavery became abolished in 1861. Despite that the U.S. commercially traded with Haiti before recognition and any formal diplomatic relation happened. Did you also know that the Dominican people were paying that debt, a debt the Dominican people did not conceive. Also the French did not recognize Haiti as an occupying force in the Spanish side of the island. They did recognize the independence of the former French part of the island, today Haiti. Although the indemnity had to be paid by Haiti, under threat. The debt did not bring Haiti to it's knees, Haitian government corruption did. CONTINUED...
Written by: ElFactor, 28 Oct 2010 12:11 PM
From: United States
Cont., The debt had to be paid at a set time in installments, something that did not occur. The preceeding Haitian governments were getting loans from foreign banks, those loans were not being paid, interest rates naturally increased in time. That's one of the reasons why the U.S. intervened in Haiti, in 1915, to get the money back and pay European creditors some of the money owed. Also because of the violent overthrow of Haiti's president Vilbrun Guillame Sam, which turned the country violently unstable. So save it mister, Haiti is mainly a basket case because of Haitian corruption, not because of foreign conspiracies.
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