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Sobeida Felix, Jose Figueroa A. (Junior Capsula)
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Santo Domingo.- The National District Prosecutor’s Office is reportedly in a plea bargain with Sobeida Felix, now being held on money laundering charges in the case of her paramour, the Puerto Rican murder convict Jose Figueroa Agosto (Junior Capsula).

National District prosecutor Alejandro Moscoso is allegedly directly heading the efforts to gather more evidence in the case, and whom according to a source quoted by, met with the inmate for several hours in her cell at Najayo prison. The source said Moscoso arrived discreetly around 10 a.m. and spoke with Felix until after 11:30 a.m.

Felix, who along with seven other detainees awaits criminal trial starting February 7, is considered by investigators as a vitally important for the prosecution, given her alleged knowledge of how Figueroa managed his criminal ring.

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5 comment(s)
Written by: Ricardolito, 16 Dec 2010 8:53 AM
From: Dominican Republic, Zona Colonial
so the Prosecutor arrived discreetly but the press knew about it for the next days paper and the prosecutor spoke with Felix for several hours between 10 am and 11.30 am ..!!!!
Written by: gmiller261, 16 Dec 2010 10:43 AM
From: United States

Can we finally know names and get closure on who actually has been running the drug cartel in DR?

Written by: WalterPolo, 16 Dec 2010 11:04 AM
From: Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata
That's why there's a plea bargain.

To keep names out.

Time served!

Y hareis justicia!
Written by: VeronicaDR, 16 Dec 2010 12:39 PM
From: United States
Time to extradite her to the US and find out the truth. How about exposing the true levels of drug dealing and corruption in our current administration? I bet it would shock people to know the real truth.
Written by: Adrian29630, 16 Dec 2010 2:25 PM
From: Dominican Republic, Cabrera
Opening round of her "get out of jail free" bargaining?
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