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Santo Domingo.- A l6 year old drug “mule” yesterday became the youngest person ever arrested by Dominican Republic’s Antinarcotics Agency (DNCD) for using their bodies or luggage to transport drugs, in this occasion for trying to take 1.1 kilos (2.5 pounds) of cocaine to New York.

The young girl, whose identity isn’t disclosed for legal reasons, transported the drug wrapped in eight packages in two pairs of tennis shoes in hand carried luggage reviewed by X-ray machines at the Las Americas Airport’s Immigration checkpoint.

The youngster was about to board JetBlue flight 822 to New York and a person in Kennedy airport was expecting to receive the drug, according to reports.

The minor’s arrest concerned Immigration and other inspectors, who fear that the traffic of narcotics to the country is such a grave threat that they’ll use even children to transport it.

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8 comment(s)
Written by: JimHarrington This user is banned, 27 May 2010 5:33 PM
From: United States
Hello leonel,
Are you going to do something about the narcotics trade or be silent as usual.
Written by: danny00, 27 May 2010 5:38 PM
From: United States, Rhodes scholar oxford university
in many countries the rule of the law is so strong and there is harmony between ethics, culture and law. take finland for one case. "for them, following the laws is the normal, in the dominican republic it is the problem.
the problem is the culture of illegality, and the tolerance of illegality, and the space that that has been occupied by drug traffickers within that culture of tolerance.
for the next president of the dr. and education-obsessed president would not be a bad idea.
Written by: THINK, 27 May 2010 6:03 PM
From: United States, SDQ -- Mia --NY

Everyday, we can always hear the drug in DR.....

I think Lie-onel is the God Father of the Drug Business, he knows how serious this type of the problem is, yet he keeps his mouth shut and tolerates the drugs business happened in DR....

I don't think it is making sense for him to say he wants the DR advanced to a well-being country, the so so serious drugs crime he can not even control well, regardless of the others......
Written by: Chompiras, 27 May 2010 7:27 PM
From: United States, Ateo, Humanista Secular
You can't win the "War on Drugs"!! Will governments ever listen?!
Written by: riosm, 28 May 2010 11:36 AM
From: United States
Just goes to show you at what lenths these smugglers are willing to has to ask wheres her parents ?
Written by: hidalgocenterflorida, 28 May 2010 11:38 AM
From: United States
We have to get away from the mentality that the government is responsible for every single action of the general public. Even here in the U.S. or in Europe, with all the safeguards, a lot of criminal activity slips by.

The 16 year old girl involved in this was caught. The authorities in D.R. did a good job. Regardless of the political views of those in this forum.

We dont hear anything however about the NARCO-USERS here in the U.S. They are the ones responsible for all the crime related to the sale and use of illicit substances. As the saying goes, : "we have to wake up and smell the coffee" . Not the cocaine, etc, etc.

And yes, may God Bless our Great Dominican Republic.
Written by: riosm, 28 May 2010 1:38 PM
From: United States
Thank you, well put.......also may I add with a well guarded / controled U.S southern border maybe just maybe once the Mexican drug smugglers realize they are unable to push there drugs into the U.S the killings along the border towns for control of the drug trade will cease......something the Mexican Prez. and the AZ-1070 protestors should think about.......or do they even care !

And to think the young Liberals of the 1960's generation who pushed the 'drugs are kool' mentality are now the ones in control.

I'm one who does my share of the war on drugs, I DON'T DO DRUGS.

Take care.

Written by: bernies, 28 May 2010 3:19 PM
From: Dominican Republic, Juan Dolio
The latest only in the Dominican Republic,

Alegan pareja violó “buenas costumbres y pudor”
Escrito por: LUIS GUZMAN
La Dirección de Migración alegó este viernes que por violación a las buenas costumbres y al pudor que apresó a uno de la pareja haitiana que venden tarjeta en la Máximo Gómez con John F. Kennedy y que El Nacional publicó una fotografía besándose.
El director de Migración, vicealmirante Sigfrido Pared Pérez, hablando a través de su vocero Ambiorix Rosario, informó que se evalúa la residencia temporal que tiene Nicodem Cony en el país para determinar si procede la anulación del permiso por violación al pudor y a las buenas costumbres.“Migración evaluará el caso para determinar si procede anular el permiso de residencia por exponerse públicamente”, indicó.
Rosario dijo que también se busca a la pareja de Cony, Yoselin Guerrier, para apresarla y someterla al mismo procedimiento.

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