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President Fernandez, Hector Rodriguez Pimentel.
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Santo Domingo.- The Government’s “pathologically corrupt” official is again flaunting his impunity, this time in an alleged campaign of extortion, blackmail and intimidation by Dominican Agrarian Institute (IAD) director Héctor Rodriguez Pimentel, against the advertisers of Alicia Ortega’s investigative journalism program, of the media group SIN.

Rodriguez Pimentel earned the name “pathologically corrupt” by Anticorruption Department (DPCA) director Hotoniel Bonilla, for his numerous scandals in the IAD and the Hydraulic Resources Institute, the agency which manages the country’s dams and canals.

SIN Group president Fernando Hasbún yesterday revealed that the official seeks to intimidate, by serving papers, to nearly 50 companies, to abstain from placing ads in Ortega’s program, under the threat of facing legal action.

In the papers served, Rodriguez Pimentel warns the companies that they would be accused of "defamation" if they continue to place ads in the popular television program, alleging that Ortega conducts a campaign against him.

In a visit to newspaper Diario Libre, Hasbún reported the alleged plot to the media and the Dominican Journalists Guild.

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12 comment(s)
Written by: ElProfe This user is banned, 14 Jun 2010 8:04 AM
From: Dominican Republic, Jarabacoa

Josean, say something P L E A S E

How much more of this crap can the Dominican people take?
Written by: DONT_BE_SILENT, 14 Jun 2010 8:19 AM
From: Dominican Republic, Yo Soy Luis Diaz
Somebody has to take care of this guy. Josean where are you? I know you still read DT, as a matter of fact you were on it yesterday, but you're posting with a different name; come out the woodwork my friend.
Written by: Ricardolito, 14 Jun 2010 9:02 AM
From: Dominican Republic, Zona Colonial
I would not be too worried about this ,,,even a Dominican court would uphold the rights of the advertisers and would further destroy the reputation of Rodriguez Pimentel...but of course the director should be removed from his position immediately if the allegations are correct . and I agree that President should act on this would be good to see him make a positive emove against this sort of thing
Written by: juanb, 14 Jun 2010 9:04 AM
From: Dominican Republic
This guy does whatever he wants. How come?
Written by: RobertoJose, 14 Jun 2010 9:06 AM
From: United States, FREEPORT, Long Island.....Don't sing it, just bring it !!!!
Instead of trying to silence the media, he should prove them wrong. SHOW US NUMBERS, Remember!!!! NUMBERS DON'T LIE, PEOPLE DO!!!!!!!!.....There has to be a document some where that states the actions of the official is wrong. These are the types of examples we don't want to teach our up and coming politicians. If he is such a stand-up guy, why don't he have a televised sit down with SIN.

The Dominican Republic Government exibits the qualities of a KANGAROO COURT.
Written by: BASTA, 14 Jun 2010 9:28 AM
From: Dominican Republic, =Ghetto/Legalize Drugs/Free abortions for all Never Confuse Education with Intelligence
The Dominican Republic Government is a failed small island with a failed President with an even fatter than fat wife.
Written by: Lopez31, 14 Jun 2010 10:01 AM
From: United States
Wow, just look at the guys face! If that face doesn't scream out "Scumbag" then I don't know which one would.
Written by: juanb, 14 Jun 2010 10:05 AM
From: Dominican Republic
What is really amazing is how many "news outlets" (newspapers, tv, and radio) have chosen to ignore this story. Are they afraid? Or do they just not care?
Written by: JimHarrington This user is banned, 14 Jun 2010 10:32 AM
From: United States
These people will continue to be corrupt since corruption is a way of life in the DR from the top to the bottom. Leonel to the pueblo.
So stop crying and do something about it! Oh yes I forgot the Dominican people gave Leonel a whoopping majority again in the last election. And oh yes now Leonel's wife will run for President, what has she ever done for the Dominican Republic other than buy Louis Vuitton handbags. Has she ever done anything for education other than gain weight from the many luncheons? When will the people finally decide that enough is enough?
Written by: VeronicaDR, 14 Jun 2010 11:03 AM
From: United States
This man is a clown and the fact LF does nothing to help his people against this idiot makes him look like a fool as well. It is time we vote in leaders who will not tolerate this sort of garbage and this man behind bars where he belongs.
Written by: dreadlocks This user is banned, 14 Jun 2010 11:25 AM
From: United States
anyone following the debacle in jamaica involving the notorious gangster Dudus Coke, will notice the difference between the attitude of jamaicans and dominicans, when it comes to the issue of corrupt behavior. both countries have among the most inept, corrupt, useless governments on earth. the difference is that jamaicans are very short on patience, and are prepared to put some heat to politicians. when it was discovered that the prime minister was paying a california lawyer to lobby on behalf of a lowlife, his resignation was demanded by the council of churches, and several civic organisations. he actually tendered his resignation, which, of course, was rejected by his supporters. people here have to get to the point where they say ¨enough is enough¨. the prime minister of jamaica is history. he will never be reelected. he is a lame duck. here, even Hipolito Mejia is running again, because he knows that he has as good a chance as any other candidate.
Written by: JPDTrinity, 14 Jun 2010 2:11 PM
From: Dominican Republic, I dislike all politicians and their afiliated parties... "I simply say it AS IT IS!!"
You know what will it be worse?

Electing Hipolito Mejia again.

Then I'll say all Dominicans are Pathologically Crazed Zombies!!

Ah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah....fluuuuuffy Braiiiiiiins!!
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