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NEW YORK — A 27-year-old native of the Dominican Republic and al-Qaida sympathizer has been arrested and charged in an alleged terrorist plot targeting New York police vehicles, postal facilities and U.S. troops returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Sunday evening.

The U.S. citizen Jose Pimentel, who lives in Washington Heights in the northern end of Manhattan, was described as a "lone wolf" and was "not a part of a larger conspiracy emanating from abroad," Bloomberg said.

Pimentel, who converted to Islam, was charged with conspiracy to build a bomb for terrorist purposes, first-degree criminal possession of a weapon as a crime of terrorism, and soliciting support for a terrorist act. He was arraigned before a judge late Sunday and was ordered held until Friday, FOX News Channel reported.

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30 comment(s)
Written by: RoyStone, 21 Nov 2011 8:05 AM
From: Australia
God is Great!
Written by: KolyaKenyada, 21 Nov 2011 9:15 AM
From: Canada
What is going on in DR when people are converting to Islam?
When religion invented by a pedofile is an option you have a problem ( Huston?)!
Written by: Atabey, 21 Nov 2011 9:15 AM
From: United States, Bring DT Forum Back--
Good thing this nut was caught BEFORE anyone was hurt.
Written by: watcher48, 21 Nov 2011 9:21 AM
From: United States, Omnipresence
WTF?!...looks like Don King's son....
Written by: RoyStone, 21 Nov 2011 9:30 AM
From: Australia
Yes, he should have stayed with Catholicism,
where pedophilia is still practiced - by the clergy!
Catholics are easy targets for conversion to Islam. They already have blind faith in the invisible man in the sky. It's just a simple matter of changing to the winning team. Also less chance of being killed for being an Infidel. Of course it increases the chance if you subsequently commit Apostasy.
Praise God!

Written by: Lopez31, 21 Nov 2011 10:18 AM
From: United States
just a D*mn idiot. Ship him back to a dominican batey to cut sugar canes.........
Written by: ElSuavecito, 21 Nov 2011 10:21 AM
From: Dominican Republic, Santiago de los 30 Caballeros

His IQ is so low you have to dig for it.
Written by: Guarocuya, 21 Nov 2011 11:21 AM
From: United States, In the place to be
The U.S. citizen Jose Pimentel, who lives in Washington Heights in the northern end of Manhattan,"

Hamilton Heights Man Arraigned On Terror Plot ChargesNY1

In this minor fact friends, you are way----off. Again, the messenger is late and bearing erroneous information. Jose Pimentel lives in HAMILTON Heights, not Washington Heights.
If you've ever been to Manhattan, you'd know there is a notable difference.
Below 157 St. between Amsterdam and Riverside Dr. (mostly) south to 135 St., it is Hamilton Heights. WaHi is north of 157 St. From Edgecombe Ave. to Riverside Dr.all the way to 193 St. and St. Nicholas up in Ft. George, AND ALSO ON Broadway near the Post Office and Ft. Tryon Park; and on Ft. Washington Ave. north to Ft. Tryon Park and the Cloisters....

Just thought I'd clear that up for the eager beavers ready to attibute this event to Washington Heights' and its resident
Written by: gmiller261, 21 Nov 2011 12:08 PM
From: United States

What a f...en moron.

Hope he knows he can get the death penalty for treason.

Hope to God they do NOT ship him back to the DR. He is at least Mayor quality material.

Written by: KolyaKenyada, 21 Nov 2011 1:51 PM
From: Canada
RoyStone, you think that his ( * ) was targeted by a Catholic prist, and that was the reason for his conersion?
Should we expect same action of this nature in Boston too, from altar boys from Ireland?
Written by: lovingit, 21 Nov 2011 2:20 PM
From: United States, Delaware
Otro Palomo!
Written by: hernandez5482, 21 Nov 2011 3:11 PM
From: United States, Vivir sin Patria, es lo mismo que vivir sin Honor.
He should be jailed for life or executed. If this chimp had gone through with his plan, many people would have gotten hurt.. Rats like this should be put away.
Written by: Escott, 21 Nov 2011 3:12 PM
From: Dominican Republic, Cabrera and Sosua a 2 days a month for payday
You will see more of this crap as our STUPID President welcomes, supports Honors Palestinians and Hugo Chavez and others of this sort. Stupidity works it way down from the top. May Gawd Help the Dominican Republic and protect it from the STUPIDITY that abounds.
Written by: PATCHUKO, 21 Nov 2011 4:42 PM
From: Canada
@ ESCOTT first, "Our Stupid President" OUR implies you are no longer an uncle sam citizen? Second, hate him or love him, Doctor Fernandez is not stupid. Third, always be on the right side of history, hence Lionel's full support towards the Palestinians. Fourth, most of the 150,000+ barrels of Gaz that DR consumes on a daily basis is coming from HUGO on CREDIT basis at a low 1% interest rate, DR is in no position to fight other people"s fights and Lionel understand that concept very well. DR has a DRUG problem not a Terrorist Problem. Fifth, if it was that bad under Lionel you would have left already.
Written by: generoso, 21 Nov 2011 4:56 PM
From: Dominican Republic
Send the SOB to the nuthouse in Guantanamo, and put him with the rest of the "God is great" crowd.
After a few weeks with his fellow goat worshippers, picking up the soap bars, he will think twice about praising Allah again.
Written by: tomito, 21 Nov 2011 4:59 PM
From: United States
This is what happens when you become a fanatic of religion. I bet he was raised in the US since childhood, otherwise he would have known better and instead of converting to Islam out of boredome, he would have chosen frequent vacations to Boca Chica and enjoy a cold Presidente with a prostie. He will regret his poor choices for life since they are going to lock him up and throw the keys away.
Written by: TorresRamirez, 21 Nov 2011 5:56 PM
From: United States, Haze gray, underway
Parece que este tigre no sabe que los terroristas ya no estan de moda.
Written by: hellborn25, 21 Nov 2011 8:13 PM
From: United States, United states, homes of taxes and every foul philosophy on the planet.
this is the second dominican to try some pipe boms crap in the last 8 years , new york city is full of wannabe terrorist, these people are nothing more then brainwash poor souls of the masses, who falled into the hype of news and the mass media . this jackass belongs in the nuthouse.
Written by: BernardJeanPierre, 21 Nov 2011 8:15 PM
From: United States, Earth
Well fortunatey he was caught before he actually carried out his plan and hurt innocent people.
Written by: andujar67, 21 Nov 2011 10:42 PM
From: United States
These loonies should be residing with the general prison population and be force to eat pork every day with a crucifix staring down on him since he was willing to disturb the flow no mercy please mr attorney general ..
Written by: PatDiamond, 22 Nov 2011 12:46 AM
From: Botswana, La reconnaissance est une lachete'
A Terorist who couldn't afford to pay his cell phone bil nor the drill bits needed to construct his bomb. A Terorist whom when the Feds were approach by NYPD intelligence division about him decided to passed on investigating him ( not worth their time) BTW who also tried to circumcise his own self.

DT- by any standard definetly not a newspaper but a poor man RSS feed.
Written by: curios1, 22 Nov 2011 2:04 AM
From: United States, right where im standin
to the athoraties that caught him. NICE JOB !
Written by: ZonaDominicana, 22 Nov 2011 3:51 AM
From: United States, Orange County, California
Written by: penny, 22 Nov 2011 4:51 AM
From: Azerbaijan
Manchurian candidate you FOOLS
Written by: danny00, 22 Nov 2011 6:13 PM
From: United States, Rhodes scholar oxford university
From: Canada
@ ESCOTT first, "Our Stupid President" OUR implies you are no longer an uncle sam citizen? Second, hate him or love him, Doctor Fernandez is not stupid. Third, always be on the right side of history
Written by: danny00, 22 Nov 2011 6:21 PM
From: United States, Rhodes scholar oxford university
our implies you are no longer an uncle sam citizen?
iam ex dominican now an uncle sam citizen and i love it every day of the week.
myself and my family many years ago saw their was no winning for the dr
when the ship is sinking every one gets off the ship and the dr has been at the bottom of the sea for many years and with no hope of ever coming afloat again..
sorry have to say this but do u really think u have one country?

if u do where is it? no police, no real army and for sure no real people in the government that care about their own.

with out the above u have no real country only a name the dominican republic where the people spend half their lives living in the dark in the year of 2011.

Written by: Yucahu, 23 Nov 2011 3:34 AM
From: United States, Miami
The story surrounding this animal just ain't right. It all seems forced, this dummy is a patsy. This smells and smacks of conspiracy.
Written by: PATCHUKO, 23 Nov 2011 11:46 AM
From: Canada
@Danny00********* I want to apologize if I in any way insulted your Boyfriend, I was just trying to make sense of a couple of his statements. However, I understand when one has to protect partners from insults. If however you are not in a relationship with Escott, may I enlight you with posting quorum, when someone put the @ sign followed by the person's name it means the post is a reply to that particular person. That said, I also understand that our people don't like to follow rules. now let's get back to you, if DR was so bad like you said "a sinking ship" why I wonder you are coming to a website that talks mostly of everything Dominican? why don't you go post on CNN? whatever you have against lionel is your business, but for me he has done better than the previous government, for me that's what counts.
Written by: PATCHUKO, 23 Nov 2011 11:54 AM
From: Canada
@Danny00, you said that Lionel travels too much, but how do you think jobs are created? Lionel travels to meet investors face to face in order to sell DR that's what he does. yes you are right about the corruption of the police and the army, but lionel has been fighting that as much as he can. BTW Danny00, did anyone told you that when when you use block CAP it means you are screaming? anyways, again my apologies to you and your boyfriend Escott.
Written by: RoyStone, 23 Nov 2011 7:33 PM
From: Australia
Firing -quad with bullets dipped in pig-fat would be a good deterrent to other Islamic terrorists, since according to Islam, such contamination would prevent their entry in to paradise with all the virgins waiting there for them.
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