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Mariasela Alvarez, Kathleen Martinez.
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Santo Domingo.- The National Council for Dominican Communities Abroad (Condex) hosted a moving ceremony Tuesday night to award 100 Dominicans for their outstanding careers in all walks of life in various parts of the world.

In the keynote speech Condex vice president Alejandro Santos cited the immigrant’s accomplishments, ranging from noted designers to Major League Baseball figures, and even an anthropologist.

The event also served as the release of the book titled “100 Outstanding Dominican resent Abroad,” whose 115 pages contain their biographies, merits, performance and contributions as Dominican Republic’s good will ambassadors.

Speaking exclusive to DT after the presentation, Santos stated his pride for hosting the event to recognize so many “good Dominicans” for their efforts. “I feel good about discovering Dominican values, I feel satisfaction and pride of being Dominican and I believe that sentiment has been present tonight.”

He said he also felt glad in knowing that Dominicans love and appreciate those who’ve always upheld such values, and though “regrettably living abroad,” noted that “the population of our citizens in other countries equals 15% of our total.”

As to Condex’s future goals, the official affirmed that the entity’s work to bring Dominicans abroad closer to home will be expanded. “We will continue to connect them with our country so that link and their desire to continue to feel Dominican despite where they live aren’t lost. We have 14 councils and will continue widening them to include more communities and increasingly more Dominicans.”

From the TV psychologist Nancy Alvarez, to Cleopatra tomb hunter Kathleen Martinez, all they way through Yankees Robinson Canó and Alex Rodriguez, the actor Manny Perez, the designer Oscar de la Renta, the Pulitzer Prize writer Junot Diaz and to the New York State judges Diccia Pineda and Rita Mella, the diaspora’s presence was strongly felt that night.

TV show host and ex Miss World, Mariasela Alvarez served as master of ceremony in the awards, where the guests, many of which represented those recognized, enjoyed songs performed by Angela Carrasco, and the cocktail held in the hotel Meliá Santo Domingo.

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16 comment(s)
Written by: Atabey, 22 Dec 2011 2:04 PM
From: United States, Bring DT Forum Back--
Long overdue! DR has long benefited enormously from the sacrifices and great efforts of hundreds of thousands of its people and their generous remittances from abroad.
Written by: josean This user is banned, 22 Dec 2011 2:31 PM
From: United States, Guillermo President 2016 Because Our Future Depends On It!

Where is Gloria Peña’s recognition?
Written by: CarmenReyes, 22 Dec 2011 6:19 PM
From: Dominican Republic, Santiago
Not to mention some of the most esteemed doctors in NYC. One of the finest physicians in NYC always mentioned in the book best doctors in America is from Quisqueya.

Wonderful to read this.
Written by: RonEvane This user is banned, 22 Dec 2011 10:57 PM
From: United States, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Why isn't my name on this list??
Yes, I know!...Jealousy of my intellect, My piano-mover body and my movie-star looks!!
That's ok! I know I'm better!
Written by: guillermone, 22 Dec 2011 11:00 PM
From: United States, Bring Back DT Forum
What is the name of that most esteemed doctor?
Written by: old_school_trinitario, 23 Dec 2011 11:05 AM
From: Dominican Republic, San Carlos, barrio de matatanes, aqui no invente
get in line my friend, I've been waiting for years to get on that list but all I get is a " thanks for participating" t-shirt
Written by: Chasbo, 23 Dec 2011 11:48 AM
From: United States
I don't see anyone who does much if anything to "give back" to their country and people, especially kids in need. Maybe some token amounts. Alexander Rodriquez is one of the cheapest and most pathetic I have seen. Or they give a token amount and end up on the front page of the Listin Diario (or DT) and a big reception from LH

I have a foundation supporting abandoned orphaned children in the DR (4 orphanages) Not a peso from any of these. Philanthropy among these high profile types is non existent. (Don't get me wrong, there are many generous compassionate wealthy Dominicans-but not not in this group)
Written by: josean This user is banned, 23 Dec 2011 11:57 AM
From: United States, Guillermo President 2016 Because Our Future Depends On It!


Please send me an email with info. about your organization to see how I can help!
Written by: Chasbo, 23 Dec 2011 12:01 PM
From: United States
here is the website.

You can write me a

Written by: josean This user is banned, 23 Dec 2011 12:27 PM
From: United States, Guillermo President 2016 Because Our Future Depends On It!

Very nice web site I will contribute what I can and will make sure many of my friends (yes I have some) will review it to see if they are interested in contributing as well.

Also, I humbly suggest you reach out to Albert Pujols, I was very impressed with the recent 60 Minutes piece on him and did not know humbly generous he and his wife are with children, both in the US and DR; especially those with special needs.

I am sure after the airing of that story he might be overwhelmed with requests, but is worth a try any way.

Happy Holiday to you, your staff, the donors and contributors and especially to those beautiful children!
Written by: guillermone, 23 Dec 2011 12:33 PM
From: United States, Bring Back DT Forum
Chasbo-I could not agree with you more. One of the worst high profile "celebrity" figures is Alex Rodriguez. He is narcisistic too much into himself with a "I don't give a crap" about no one but himself attitude. He is too busy preoccupied with issues of power, prestige and vanity to bother with the needs and concerns of those who are less fortunate. He flip-flops allegiances when convenient. He claims to be of Dominican when it is to his advantage and minimizes it when it does not support the cause.

I also attempted to request minimal financial support from the Alex Rdz foundation. It was an insignificant token amount for a local cause, handled by a non-profit organization, that I was once associated but was simply given the cold shoulder. No explanation, no letter of regret, no apology, not a small note of acknowledgement to state "maybe another" time would have been sufficient.

The only organization Alex has been most generous is the "Boy's Club of America" but no one else
Written by: Chasbo, 23 Dec 2011 12:42 PM
From: United States
Thank you Josean.

Yes Albert Pujol is an exception, a big exception, He has been a supporter at the orphange in La Romana.

I cannot find a list of the complete 100. I think this is more of a book publishing promotion. I cannot find the list or any other reference to it via Google. Several that I know that are on it who have contacted me to tell me they are on it are examples unfortunately. (they love the press!)

Here is a link to our latest newsletter and a link to a video we made two months ago.

Newsletter #10

Spanish Version
Written by: RoyStone, 26 Dec 2011 7:05 PM
From: Australia
Correct me if I'm wrong, but these people left their country of birth for good reason. They owe their success to where they succeeded, not where they were born. Had they stayed in the Dominican Republic, perhaps they would not be in a position to give anything. Why should they now?

24% of Australians were born overseas and many have become successful. They consider themselves Australians and those born in Australia welcome them as such.
Written by: Chasbo, 26 Dec 2011 7:24 PM
From: United States
Most would say their success is based on characteristics, skills, life experiences they learned in the Dominican Republic. There are a number of baseball players, boxers, NBA basketball players, musicians, actresses, famous beauties, film makers (e.g, Manny Perez is one of the 100), writers such as Julia Alvarez, or Junot Diaz, first Dominican author to win a Pulitzer Prize,

You can "take them out of the Dominican republic, but you cannot take the Dominican Republic out of them"

Each ones' story is different.

You need a stage to "perform on" (and have to go to where that is) It is not always in your native country.

Written by: RoyStone, 26 Dec 2011 7:36 PM
From: Australia
It really depends what age or stage of their career that they left the Dominican Republic. It seems many have succeeded despite the Dominican Republic, rather than because of it. Neglecting sportsmen (because they contribute nothing to the world), how many leaders in any field has this country of 9 million produced locally?

The expression "You can take them out of [insert country], but you cannot take the [insert country again] out of them" has been quoted for every country. Even the President must go overseas to do anything to gain worldwide recognition.
Written by: RonEvane This user is banned, 26 Dec 2011 9:28 PM
From: United States, Gaithersburg, Maryland

"{It really depends what age or stage of their career that they left the Dominican Republic"}

"Successful" isn't something anyone can accuse of. But thanks to the US and all opportunities presented, I did make something out of my life.
I came here when still a child, (10), however, I've never fully assimilated. The way of life and mentality preached, "the American dream", is something I can accept and relate to, but nothing I've ever wanted to fully embrace.

The part about " you can't take the country out of..." if my orientation is the rule, and not the exception, it is true. Age, I believe, is not the determining factor, but how you see yourself, that draws or repels you from your roots.
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