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NEW YORK.- A suspect has been extradited from the Dominican Republic in connection with a violent drug enterprise, according to authorities in New York quoted by the

The extradition stems form charges in a 40-count indictment unsealed in August, when the U.S. attorney in Manhattan named Orlando Rodriguez among the nine defendants.

“Federal authorities say the so-called ‘Rodriguez Enterprise’ trafficked marijuana, engaged in murders and other violent acts, and transported and laundered millions of dollars,” the outlet said.

It adds that the group was based primarily in the Washington Heights and Inwood neighborhoods of upper Manhattan. “Prosecutors say it also invested in property and laundered money in Florida and the Dominican Republic.

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10 comment(s)
Written by: DomRat, 16 Nov 2012 12:20 PM
From: Dominican Republic
Bad -Big boy!! was he one on the little Lion's
Written by: ramapo13, 16 Nov 2012 3:41 PM
From: United States
Amback.....Good! Get rid of them all! The results of this will be drug properties confiscated and details into money laundering in the RD.....the other crimes were located in NYC ......
Written by: ramapo13, 16 Nov 2012 4:20 PM
From: United States
Amback....take a step back. Are drugs a problem in the RD..yes! They create much of the corruption which leads to an oppressed people. The issue is not providing jobs for law agencies. It is what the proliferation of drugs and drug gangs is doing to this country.
Written by: elBuscoon, 16 Nov 2012 9:02 PM
From: Cuba

Is That Anthony C aka Mr. CUNT?
Written by: hellborn25, 17 Nov 2012 12:33 PM
From: United States, United states, homes of taxes and every foul philosophy on the planet.
I bet he worked in a warehouse in new york , alot of dominicans store drugs there.
Written by: ramapo13, 17 Nov 2012 2:13 PM
From: United States
Amback...You can not have a drug based economy as a country and expect to survive....the streets here are terrible, the electricity system is a joke, there is no post office, garbage is all over......there are many alternative sources of income......many jobs. This needs to be organized by the government here in a leadership role. It would also require the tutumpote to give back to their country....If you continue descent into a narco based society you will soon be over run with competing drug gangs and suffer the fate of Mexico with innocent civilians meeting death in the streets.
Written by: ramapo13, 18 Nov 2012 8:16 AM
From: United States
Sorry little Amback now lives in a mansion in his fantasy world.....why do you never have anything intelligent to sy about the articles and instead rant and rave about people you think have done you an injustice......I feel sorry for you. But regardless, bye bye, again!
Written by: ramapo13, 18 Nov 2012 1:21 PM
From: United States
Amback...You really are a sick man little man with a twisted mind arent you? Bye bye.....I do feel sorry for you, honestly.
Written by: ramapo13, 18 Nov 2012 8:22 PM
From: United States
sad, sad little man.....I hope your mother never learns about the true person you are, I hope she is proud of you.......still feel sorry for you, still waiting for your thousands of friends to rush to your defense for being a miserable little man..........manana.....bye bye
Written by: ramapo13, 19 Nov 2012 12:42 PM
From: United States
Your brain has not been in service for a while I think....
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