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T. Montas in a conference Thursday.
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Santo Domingo.- President Danilo Medina asked the  power companies to avert the blackouts known as “financial” during the rest of the year due to the government’s severe economic difficulties to pay them the US$600.0 million debt, which he pledged to honor starting January.

Economy Minister Temistocles Montas made the announcement Thursday, who said the government awaits their response, until Medina meets with them again Wednesday.

"In this meeting with the power companies it was about how the Government’s debt with this sector will be managed for the rest of the year and how they’ll handle it in a context where the government currently has serious economic difficulties, that was the core issue, and what the energy pact will eventually be, which will have to be initiated afterward," the official said.

Montas added that Medina asked the power companies to review their cash flow to see how they can make a contribution, to enable the Government to deal with the fiscal situation from now until the end of the year, without major problems with the industry.

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8 comment(s)
Written by: foresthill, 2 Nov 2012 8:53 AM
From: Dominican Republic, santo domingo
the PLD Election money is gone now pay up morons
Written by: BLANCO, 2 Nov 2012 11:11 AM
From: Dominican Republic
this never ending scam has gotten 27 years of lies and b.s.
the only thing that changes are the descriptive words i.e crisis, situation,
problem, etc.

this story and similiar should be pigeon- holed
Written by: GNLove, 2 Nov 2012 12:13 PM
From: Dominican Republic
Was there not a $5mill USD IMF loan to pay the power companies?

These thieves continue to take money for themselves and have the people do without, suffer and pay it back.

Look at Iceland, they are doing fine. More countries should follow their example and get rid of these type politicians and central bankers, jail them at a minimum for a long time. Require restitution as well.

People need to wake up and take more control. Be more active instead of relying on empty campaign promises which drives ALL countries further into debt slavery.

This may effect people here but this type issue and all it entails is not isolated to the RD.
Written by: GoneNative, 2 Nov 2012 1:47 PM
From: Dominican Republic, La Romana
@GNLove. You are so right, it is a worldwide problem. But the Dominican people keep electing the same people over and over, PLD or PRD, no alternatives. So those politicians have to keep protecting their " friends". Even if they are in fact enimies! The IMF loves the situation, more loans, more dept, more power for them!
99 % of the countries worldwide have electricity 24/7, just here,the directors steal from the people and get away with it. Stand up if you are fed up with this!
Written by: GNLove, 2 Nov 2012 1:57 PM
From: Dominican Republic
@GoneNative Same in the US. The only candidates are "selected". There are 4 other parties I believe in the US and none were allowed in the debates. They had their own.

The current 2 party system is not a 2 Party. They represent the same interests and those interests are not of the people's interest.
Written by: JHCL2016, 2 Nov 2012 2:16 PM
From: Dominican Republic, PA' LANTE: Danilo 2016 * Leonel con Visión 2020!

Power companies like the ones in DR already have done the same in other countries, even in the USA. Don't you recall ENRON?

ENRON was intentionally creating the ROLLING BLACKOUTS in California by shutting down power plants due to "MAINTENANCE". The goal was to create the appearance of a low supply of energy and a HIGH DEMAND to push PRICES up!!!


Ahora los perrunos pphachunos se la privan de comer M and still think the GOVERNMENT is the cause? No, the government can be blamed for letting it happen but the REAL DEVILS are the people that handle the GENERATORS.

¡Pa'lante y Manos a la obra!


Danilo es Presidente, Leonel 2016! /
Written by: GoneNative, 2 Nov 2012 2:51 PM
From: Dominican Republic, La Romana
@GNLove, Have you followed the government formation in The Netherlands? Nobody knows exactly how many political parties there are, but only two will form the new government, one a so-called leftish labour party (PVDA), the other one all but extreme right wing (VVD)!!!! Together they obtainded a majority in the last elections, so they agreed to hold the power to themselves!
Written by: ramapo13, 5 Nov 2012 8:37 AM
From: United States
Nationalize the power companies, demand better service people! Lower the high costs of electricity in the RD.....if you only sit on your butts and complain there will never be any change here! Make your voices heard!
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