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Santo Domingo. – Haiti’s Conference of Bishops (CEH) on Tuesday rejected allegation that the Dominican population conducts a racist campaign against undocumented nationals of the neighboring nation who cross the border in search of work.

CEH president bishop Chibly Langlois said generalized racism cannot be attributed to the Dominican population and the acts of violence against Haitians in this country are isolated and not by the overall population.

Both Langlois and Dominican par cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez, speaking with journalists at the end of the 11th Conference of Bishops from both nations, demanded a halt to the latest violence on the Haiti side of the border and also agreed that it hinders that country’s reconstruction.

Langlois asked the Haitian groups to stop theviolence against Dominicans and asked that his country’s authorities intervene.

Lopez Rodriguez said the incidents aren’t convenient for any of the countries, and asked both governments to stop them.

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31 comment(s)
Written by: Atabey, 14 Mar 2012 8:15 AM
From: United States, Bring DT Forum Back--
The UN and other World bodies need to take another track in their attempt to basically force the enormous problems of Haiti unto the Dominican Republic. Trying to negate the obvious and intentional projection of unwanted babies and people, in general, across the border into the Dominican Republic has largely discredited these organizations attempt to correct past failures on the part of the Dominican republic in its treatment of Haitians.

The DR has come a long way in correcting for past behavior, and there's still some more ground to cover. But Haiti and the international community must also do their parts. Both goals can and must be corrected, and as the Bishops state, the DR people are not engaging in any Racist attempt to deny Haitians; this is largely an attempt to control the overwhelming population flow into the DR. All nations of the world do this, and remove from their national territory those that are non-citizens.
Written by: zooma, 14 Mar 2012 9:49 AM
From: United States, and Dominican Republic

If you talk with Dominicanos their behavior towards Haitians is not proactive to say the least.
The only reason the bishops deny a tag of racism against Haitians is they know if they pronounce anything detracting about the DR will cause a response from the public that would force the Dominican authorities to take a passive aggressive behavior towards aid to the Haitians.

Briefly said: don't talk bad about the Dominicans or they will turn off the water.
Written by: vegano, 14 Mar 2012 10:06 AM
From: Dominican Republic
What you mean turn off the water. We feed and care for Haitians with monies indented for Dominicans which we borrow once again read BORROW from the imf which we always pay back. Now Haiti on the other hand recieves millions per year which they don't pay back. I dont understand turn off. Based on such comments like that we should just do a nationwide push to remove all illegals and stop providing food and care for the illegals and have the Haitian goverment use the free money they receive and use it for what is actually indented for. I dont know what my fellow Dominican brothers are waiting for to realize the abuse we are facing by our government to help out ungrateful Haitians like yourself.
Written by: vegano, 14 Mar 2012 10:42 AM
From: Dominican Republic
Dude we need not worry about NGO we have plenty of color in our country within my own family. So if they want to play the race card they need to come with somrthing else. DR is not s white countty we are just civilized, this is why we are able to identify a DR from a haitian.
Written by: generoso, 14 Mar 2012 11:24 AM
From: Dominican Republic
Good job for the bishops!
Like the cardinal said to a nosy reporter:
Behind my robes there is a solid pair of pants!
Written by: ELPAPA999, 14 Mar 2012 11:46 AM
From: United States, California
It would be crazy to disagree if a Dominican tells you that racism doesn’t exist in the DR.
Written by: the_haitian, 14 Mar 2012 11:59 AM
From: United States, west orange new jersey
The more dominicans deny racism the more it prove that they are. I am not a racist I have black friend ,spanish fill the blank.
Written by: vegano, 14 Mar 2012 12:22 PM
From: Dominican Republic
Listen racism is everywhere african american light skin vs american dark skin which i had seem with my own eyes when i went to high school in the bronx. Skin heads vs jews etc. The point is when DR is deporting an illegal Haitian we called racist why? Other countries deport illegals why cant we? You are illegal out you go, and F%&& the external governments that wants us to do other wise. Tell me why in america the highest rate of unemployeed are hispanics and african american? Hmm racism could it be? But the US is not a racist country. DR has the right to ptotect our land, as does every other nation.
Written by: the_haitian, 14 Mar 2012 12:33 PM
From: United States, west orange new jersey
@vegano I am not saying dominican don't have the right to deport illegal haitian shoot you have the right to depart laegal one if they commited a crime. But vthe way its done. I mean why do dominican call dark skin dominican haitian
Written by: Atabey, 14 Mar 2012 12:34 PM
From: United States, Bring DT Forum Back--
Written by: ELPAPA999,

It would be crazy to disagree if a Dominican tells you that racism doesn’t exist in the DR.

Written by: the_haitian,

The more dominicans deny racism the more it prove that they are. I am not a racist I have black friend ,spanish fill the blank."

No one is denying that there aren't racist acts in the DR. What IS being argued IS that DR has as much right as any nation to control its borders and WHO is allowed to be a citizen. Like France and Germany and ANY other state in the world.

The other inconvenient truth that so many outsiders and Haitians would wish to continue to be swept under the rug is the ABSOLUTELY CRIMINAL act of pushing out hundreds of thousands of people from the Haiti into the DR to alleviate the population pressure on Haiti.

Why aren't the international Community and Haitian people in a fit of rage over that FACT?

Solve that issue and the Haitian problem in DR would be mute. But that would take b
Written by: Chris1010, 14 Mar 2012 1:04 PM
From: United States
question to elhaitiano: you have spanish friends lmao? Are they from Spain? Really now alllll Dominicans are racists. Because it's our responsibility to take care of Haiti once one of the richest french colonies now one of the poorest nations in the world. If anything it's their fault that they've cut down almost every tree and that their economy, if there is one, is horrible. Haiti will not be helped by donations if anything that's what's hurting them because now they just wait with their mouths oopen like fish for help instead of doing something
Written by: Chris1010, 14 Mar 2012 5:29 PM
From: United States
IDK the Canadians must know better since the come to DR. The real question is, what's in Canada? Also why are you posting comments here if you don't like our country?
Written by: KISKEYAMAN, 14 Mar 2012 5:42 PM
From: Haiti
THE CARDINAL,aahahha la religion catholique
Catholicism it was the most big killer of the world, they have killed the blacks in the name of god. The hate Haiti because we are a great nation who fight the white racist.
the idiots persons, who believe the are superiors to the other race.
your padre of spain give you that. you are poor like HAITI, you have a lot of persons who have lost their life for leave your paradise of banana.
why the haitians lost their time to come in a country where the persons are cowards.
A day the wheel will turn believe me stupid guys.
Vacanos your story is a lie and a fancy. you have never fight with the power army of HAITI. ARE YOU CRAZY? whe have win spain and france even England in this century.
thus, you don't have any judgement correcte, thanks to HAITI you are independant, because we have helped your victory against spain.
band of ungrateful!
Written by: Chris1010, 14 Mar 2012 6:07 PM
From: United States
Spinach I have not taken refuge in the U.S. my parents came to this country looking for jobs, which is different then refuge. We weren't running away from anyone. We pay taxes to the U.S. and we don't live from anyone. What's most interesting is how you ask why Haitians would go to the DR. to KiskeyaMan We do not owe anything to Haiti not one cent. Haiti owes almost everything to us. We with a population once so much smaller than that of Haiti were able to expel the rats who invaded us. YOur people if they can be called that only helped us in making the colonial legacy last for more than it should have. I hope you know what that is. Now the decendents of these people continue to enter OUR country.
Written by: Chris1010, 14 Mar 2012 6:12 PM
From: United States
THey cut down all the trees insight because they are so intelligent. Then comes a hurricane and then all the soil loses its fertility. Haitians come into OUR country and take jobs. And then we give them the jobs which is the part the enfuriates me the most. If OUR country decided to close the border your people would wither away like weeds which is what they are. They mothers send their children over and never see them again. They live at the corner of every street begging for money. And the best part is how you refuse to believe the history of your country.
Written by: Edwin514, 14 Mar 2012 6:19 PM
From: Dominican Republic
Why the personal insults? Can't we have a formal, respectful discussion?
Written by: Chris1010, 14 Mar 2012 6:21 PM
From: United States
You are so ignorant. So you know of the illegal immigration to PR. Yes that's true but guess what our gov actually tries to do something. And if the Haitians didn't "have" decent hospitals in the DR , then they wouldn't go there in the 1st place to give birth like weeds.
Written by: Chris1010, 14 Mar 2012 6:22 PM
From: United States
The only reason why they know of Haiti is becaus of all your calamities. They have sunken soooo low that they've become the lowest place in the Americas. Your history is not glorious. The country you come from is a failed state. The gov. there is only for show it does nothing.
Written by: Chris1010, 14 Mar 2012 6:27 PM
From: United States
I'm not from Mexico and I don't care about that. I've gone to hospitals there and I've seen. What more proof than that. And in my opinion the Mexicans are honorable people although they come illegally most of the time into the US. There country isn't a failed one although they have corruption like no where else in LA they still manage to fight back.
Written by: vegano, 14 Mar 2012 6:30 PM
From: Dominican Republic
Spinach, DR said anything about white, now we DR are alittle better off not because of our government only but by dominicans like myself who studied abroad anf came back home to be profuctive. On top of that DR is top five countries to receive minies ftom other DR aboard. Now Haitians leave anf dont send anything back to help ur economy grow so chip in to helo them out as yhe rest of the haitians do ur part send monies to ur love ones in Haiti.
Written by: Chris1010, 14 Mar 2012 6:31 PM
From: United States
ok (:
Written by: Chris1010, 14 Mar 2012 6:32 PM
From: United States
I thought haiti was one too i guess im wrong.
Written by: Chris1010, 14 Mar 2012 6:37 PM
From: United States
I love how you answer me with things that are apart from your first comment. You were the one who started. And if the hospital issue were the only then there really would be no problem. But its not. There are many more and many of them caused by your people.
Written by: Chris1010, 14 Mar 2012 6:54 PM
From: United States
Are you kidding killing of Haitians. I lost a relative not that long ago because a Haitian killed him. A man who had never insulted anyone who actually adopted Haitians as chidlren and one of them killed him because he thought that my relative wanted to deport him somehow as if that's possible there. Haitians have been kidnapping Dominican truckdrivers in Haiti now that they were complaining about a lack of water and resources. So what do they do? they kidnap the people sending these things into their country!!!! lmao. You, your state, your people your everything have failed and we were a Banana republic but so was your failed state. Haiti still depends on others to provide for them. We depend on the ones living in U.S and tourism which is must more respectable
Written by: vegano, 14 Mar 2012 7:00 PM
From: Dominican Republic
Spinach, DR said anything about white, now we DR are alittle better off not because of our government only but by dominicans like myself who studied abroad anf came back home to be profuctive. On top of that DR is top five countries to receive minies ftom other DR aboard. Now Haitians leave anf dont send anything back to help ur economy grow so chip in to helo them out as yhe rest of the haitians do ur part send monies to ur love ones in Haiti.
Written by: vegano, 14 Mar 2012 7:22 PM
From: Dominican Republic
I tip my hat off to u if that is true, but in all honesty very few haitians send money or wish to return bsck home.
Written by: RoyStone, 14 Mar 2012 7:55 PM
From: Australia
Since when does a Dominican cardinal have authority in Haiti?
If he wants the violence to stop, why doesn't he just pray for it and it will stop immediately?

And Jesus answered and said to them, "Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, `Be taken up and cast into the sea,' it will happen. "And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive."
Matthew 21:21-22

Maybe he doesn't believe in his namesake?
Written by: andujar67, 14 Mar 2012 9:13 PM
From: United States
@SPINASH sorry to kill your dream as i did with my fellow Haitians i was very disappointed the government has disappeared the people are walking around loss with no hope the capital hasn't been touch the Haitian that are trying to help are constantly being impeded i but I've noticed new s u vs driving around with cute girls is that the new plan of the new generation you're speaking off. Your parents may have settled r you willing to compromise your comfortable life in Canada
Written by: Espiritu, 15 Mar 2012 5:02 PM
From: United States
I can't believe all the nonsense. The truth of the matter is that neither nation has a future without the other and that common solutions to similar problems is the only way to go. There is plenty to go around on both sides. If Haitians want to be treated fairly when they migrate to DR they have to stop all this nonsense talk all over the world about Dominicans and Dominicans can not complain about the growing presence of Haitians in DR as long as they continue to exploit Haitians (as they willing exploit other Dominicans I might add). We really do not have a future without each other in this little piece of land called Espanola!
Written by: Chris1010, 15 Mar 2012 7:28 PM
From: United States
Espiritu I think your're wrong. We don't need them. We have more than enough people, many of them without jobs. It does not make sense to have more people coming into our own country when we have so many unemployed. Now if we didn't have unemployed then that would be a different story. And we're not exploiting the Haitians. You make it sound as if they are slaves, and they're not. They're the ones who decide to cross the border we don't force them. And it's not just the Dominicans who are employing them, it's also the foreigners who build resorts who are too rich to pay decently so they look for haitians.
Written by: Espiritu, 20 Mar 2012 9:00 AM
From: United States
We do need each other. The ecological damage in Haiti alone threatens the integrity of the entire island. Chris, your statement erroneously implies that a cancer in one part of the body has no implication for the entire organism. The truth of the matter is that as long as Haitians continue to live in the most dire poverty (as so many Dominicans), they will continue to find ways to come to DR and that is unstoppable. I am heartened to see Haitians studying in DR. Hopefully they will return to their nation to fight for a better day and not migrate somewhere else. We should be looking for solutions together to issues such as health, education, energy, security, economic development, etc.,. There is no other way It is in our interest as Dominicans to pursue this thinking. Take are and don't let passions dictate and cloud
your thinking.
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