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Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Teachers Association (ADP) on Monday  announced a 24 hour strike starting Tuesday morning, demanding that the Education Ministry hear their demand of a 100 percent pay raise.

Union president Eduardo Hidalgo said its affiliated teachers in all schools, colleges and polytechnics are on the "alert" and asked the teachers to attend their workplaces without holding classes.

He urged parents however to not send their children to school.

The ADP also announced a major rally at Independencia Park on Sunday, for teacher and civil society.

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7 comment(s)
Written by: dreadlocks This user is banned, 5 Mar 2013 8:30 AM
From: United States
this is going to be a nightmare. if teachers do get 100% increases, which they are demanding, then police will be next, and firemen, and every concievable government worker. it is sad that teachers receive a little over 8 thousand pesos per month as a starting salary. the offer is for 10,000, but they have refused it. so, what they are doing is to show up for work, and do nothing. all the teaching time is taken up with meetings and get-togethers. if the public school teachers get the raise, the private teachers are going to demand equal compensation. what is worse is that 10,000 pesos, at current exchange rates, is less than 200 euro per month. no teacher is leaving Spain to come here and work for 50 euro per week, or 10 euro per day. if the government gives then a reasonable wage, then the locals are going to want parity. inflation will go through the roof if all government servants get a raise at the same time. it is not looking good at this moment.
Written by: Ricardolito, 5 Mar 2013 10:02 AM
From: Dominican Republic, Zona Colonial
Shows the standard of leadership the teachers have ,,yes I noted their Presidents name ...our country being held back again
Written by: danny00, 5 Mar 2013 2:20 PM
From: United States, Berlin Germany
any way u get what u pay for.......

s....t my daughter tells me some very upsetting things about what goes on in the universitys..... s....... that could never. happen in the states..... never,,,,,,,,,,
u pay low salarys for the teachers and the students pay for this with thier education., but i dont know if any or some of the dr teachers should receive more then the us$250 a month.....can they really teach or a friend got them the job?
Written by: dreadlocks This user is banned, 5 Mar 2013 2:26 PM
From: United States
asks danny00

..can they really teach or a friend got them the job?

that is something i asked myself when i read the article that said only 56.9% of Dominican Professors have a Bachelors Degree.
Written by: Danilo This user is banned, 5 Mar 2013 3:27 PM
From: Dominican Republic, SDQ --- VIGILADOR.COM (Beta) - Vigilando nuestra Quisqueya
Our kids are doing so well in school that I completely agree with a 100% wage increase.

Sarcasm aside I think teachers' wages should be based on our kids' rank in the world. Increase yearly wage by $5000 pesos for every point our rank improves.
Written by: rokete This user is banned, 6 Mar 2013 2:36 AM

Pay teachers and police officers at least RD$15,000 a month, for goodness sake.

They can survive with minimum wage,

while the government officials make hundreds of thousands, plus benefits, plus bribes, plus drug money, plus embezzlement, and more.
Written by: Ricardolito, 6 Mar 2013 11:04 AM
From: Dominican Republic, Zona Colonial
Dreadlocks ..I would have thought that figure was a little high ..I believe that I , as a volunteer teacher am the only person who has passed any university degree ,,I knew nothing about teaching when I started 6 or 7 years ago but at least I was well educated .
YOu mention often aboutthe use of the 4% ,,well much has to go to educating and paying teachers
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