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Santo Domingo.-  Dominican Republic’s Justice Ministry on Sunday affirmed having evidence of pedophilia against former Vatican envoy Józef Wesolowski, while a deacon in an east region diocese has confessed to “pimping” minors for the senior prelate as well as of being his sexual partner.

Deputy Procurator and the case’s lead investigator Bolivar Sanchez said there’s proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the former diplomat committed child abuse and is ready to present it to the Vatican, but noted that Wesolowski cannot be extradited because of his diplomatic status.

He said the minors interviewed admitted to masturbating for, and of taking part in oral sex with the bishop as he filmed them with a cell phone, while another witness affirmed seeing porno in his laptop at the Vatican embassy.

Sanchez revealed that when the local Catholic Church submitted the evidence to the Vatican, the Justice ministry was unaware of the case, received the full cooperation as soon as the investigation was launched.

"There are people who’ve been interrogated whose names have been provided by the Church, with information they obtained in previous investigations," the official said.


The deacon Francisco Javier Occi Reyes, who’s being held at a San Pedro de Macorís (east) jail on pedophilia charges, said at the time of his arrest he was “pimping” a youngster for Wesolowski, who was allegedly waiting in his vehicle nearby.

Occi Reyes, of the Santa Cruz de El Seibo church, had confessed to the allegations, Sánchez said, adding that he was arrested when one of Wesolowski’s alleged victims alerted a Tourist Police agent.

The deacon said in that occasion Wesolwski left the place, but said nothing because he thought the church’s influence would get him out of prison.

Occi said the church, which he didn’t specify, promised to resolve his case and hoped to be released until June, when was sent to pretrial prison for a year instead, and realized it was all a farce upon learning from the media that Higuey Diocese Bishop Nicanor Peña had suspended him on Sept. 16.

Sex partner

According to Sanchez, the deacon revealed that he was also Wesolowski’s sex partner and had sexual relations at the offices of the Nuncio while getting drunk on vodka.

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2 comment(s)
Written by: zooma, 23 Sep 2013 8:14 AM
From: United States, and Dominican Republic

This is one case that cannot be swept under the rug. The big question is how strongly will the Vatican handle the investigation and subsequent punishment if the principals are found culpable.

Written by: generoso, 23 Sep 2013 8:50 AM
From: Dominican Republic
CNN, FOX news, CNBC, MSNBC, PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC have NOT mentioned ANYTHING re this case to the US and world opinion. This is a major scandal, so please take time from your agenda, and send an email to your favorite news agency, and ask them why the headline has been kept silent, since this is a major scandal, involving the official Vatican envoy to the DR committing child abuse.
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