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Call for prosecution

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s Catholic bishops on Thursday pulled the rug out from Agripino Nuñez Collado one of their most prominent colleagues, in the wake of an exploding scandal centered on former nuncio Josef Wesolowski, removed by the Vatican after reports of alleged sexual abuse of minors.

The bishops grouped in the Dominican Episcopal Conference said Nuñez doesn’t speak for Catholic Church on recent cases of priests accused of pedophilia, including Wesolowski.

In a statement read by spokesperson and priest Manuel Ruiz at Episcopal Conference headquarters, the bishops said that only Church representatives responsible for dioceses can state its position, which isn’t Nuñez’s case.

On Tuesday Nuñez became the Dominican Church’s first senior prelate to publicly acknowledge the pedophilia allegations against the Vatican’s representative, even stating that Wesolowski was “traveling in bad steps."

Ruiz accused the media of “instigating and stoking the intrigue,” adding that “there’s no evidence e against Wesolowski.”

Call for prosecution

The Dominican bishops also asked the courts to prosecute and –if found guilty- punish Wesolowski and the other priests linked to pedophilia and sexual abuse of minors.


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7 comment(s)
Written by: zooma, 5 Sep 2013 12:30 PM
From: United States, and Dominican Republic

The Dominican church would be better served if all annoucements about the scandal come from the Holy See rather than self appointed representatives.

Written by: BASTA, 5 Sep 2013 12:38 PM
From: Dominican Republic, =Ghetto/Legalize Drugs/Free abortions for all Never Confuse Education with Intelligence
Kissie kissie
Written by: chilliwestaziz, 5 Sep 2013 2:09 PM
From: Jamaica
True Story:

I am a Roman Catholic. The priest at my church became the personal friend of my wife and I. We took him out to dinner and he came to our house to bless the property. I told my wife to prepare meals for him on Sunday and we would drop it at his house; located next to the church. According to my wife, he called her one day and told her that he was having feelings for her and if she would consider having a relationship with him. He begged her not to tell me about it or anybody else. According to him, there was another lady who had written to the church to complain about him; at lease one time before this. We no longer attend Mass there.

My thing is this: Perhaps it may be better if these guys were allowed to marry because the human desire factor is just too much for some of these guys to handle. It seems.
Written by: josean This user is banned, 5 Sep 2013 4:47 PM
From: United States, Guillermo President 2016 Because Our Future Depends On It!

Cardinal Nickey has all of the sudden become Camera Shy!

Written by: josean This user is banned, 5 Sep 2013 5:26 PM
From: United States, Guillermo President 2016 Because Our Future Depends On It!

Now a Fight has Broken Out among the two leading Catholic Figures in DR Cardinal Nickey and Monsignor Agripino Núñez Collado!

Cardinal Nikey told the Monsignor Agripino to SHUT UP!

This going to be Good!

Written by: josean This user is banned, 6 Sep 2013 3:04 PM
From: United States, Guillermo President 2016 Because Our Future Depends On It!

Anybody seen a Missing Nuncio?

No record of papal nuncio leaving the country

On Thursday evening, 5 September local TV station Noticias CDN revealed that there is no record of Papal Nuncio Josef Wesolowski's departure from the Dominican Republic from any of the country's airports. The news station says that the Holy See ambassador could have departed the country via Haiti and there is also the possibility he could still in the country.

The Vatican confirmed that Wesolowski was recalled by Pope Francis on 21 August after reports that the ambassador "was on the wrong track."

International reporters covering the case have not been able to locate the senior Catholic Church representative for comments.

Recently, it was known that another Polish priest, Father Wojciech (Alberto Gil) of Juncalito also irregularly left the country amidst sex abuse claims and has not been available for questioning by the Dominican judiciary. In his case, an arrest warrant was issued.

Written by: josean This user is banned, 6 Sep 2013 3:06 PM
From: United States, Guillermo President 2016 Because Our Future Depends On It!

The Dominican Catholic Church has denied knowledge of the whereabouts of Wesolowski, who served as the Vatican's ambassador in the Dominican Republic since 2008.

However, during a press conference held yesterday, Thursday 5 September called by the Episcopate Conference, priest Manuel Ruiz said that the former nuncio was already in Rome when the story broke locally.

He told the press that the investigation ordered by the Vatican has no connection with the alleged abuse of minors mentioned in the case of fellow Polish priest, Father Wojciech or Alberto Gil in Juncalito, Santiago.


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