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D. Medina....'not my concern...'
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Santo Domingo.- Although the weeks-long flap between Police chief Manuel Castro and Justice minister Francisco Domínguez reveals a lack of coordination between both law enforcement authorities, no one expects president Danilo Medina’s intervention to halt it.

Medina showed his hands-off style of governing during the months-long confrontation over the catwalk which the public works agency called OISOE sought to build at the Malecon in violation of the Protected Areas Law, to favor a university built with no parking spaces.

The row between Castro and Dominguez stems from frustrations of both entities over the dismal record of convictions for serious crimes, and has often includes the judges

Dominguez a even referred to a police method of shooting a suspect  in the knee to get a confession, “which isn’t just my concern, but a matter of State.”

"It’s no time for dispute, it’s time to work, fight, recognize errors, correct them and go forward, that is the President Danilo Medina mandate," he said.

And when Castro asked "how can you have an efficient police if they’re the Dominican Government’s lowest paid employees?," Dominguez shot back, “a low salary is no excuse to do things badly."

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5 comment(s)
Written by: bernies, 21 Feb 2014 10:55 AM
From: Dominican Republic, Juan Dolio
Dominguez is right just because you are getting pay low wages it doesn't give you the right to do bad things. If you don't like it then resign with honor like a civilize and honest person will do.
Written by: josean This user is banned, 21 Feb 2014 11:07 AM
From: United States, Guillermo President 2016 Because Our Future Depends On It!

Saint Danilo Spits Green Phlegm in both Francisco Javier Garcia's and NARCO Lie-onel' s Face Simultaneously!


Niega Danilo tenga candidato preferido

Danilo denies he has a preferd candidate

SANTO DOMINGO.- The president Danilo Medina does not support any of the PLD presidential candidate in particular, clarified this Friday the minister responsible to the President, José Ramón Peralta.

He also, denied that the Government has "drawn a line" to cancel employees who sympathize forsome particulate candidates for the presidency.

.....and here is the DIRECT POKE IN THE EYE TO Lie-onel.......

"The Government is focused on working in the best interests of the people, who long ago expected a president like Danilo Medina," he said.

Written by: CarlosFranco, 21 Feb 2014 3:48 PM
From: United States, Brooklyn

He's right. The police should be paid better and held more accountable as well.
Written by: josean This user is banned, 21 Feb 2014 6:55 PM
From: United States, Guillermo President 2016 Because Our Future Depends On It!

Saint Danilo tells Francisco Javier García to his job while being paid the DOMINICAN Taxpayers.....stop the politicking......and Shut the FU@KUP!


Peralta advierte funcionarios deben enfocarse en trabajar y no en proselitismo

Peralta señaló que los funcionarios deben estar enfocados en hacer un buen gobierno, pensando en los mejores intereses de la ciudadanía

Peralta warns officials should focus on work and not in proselitismo

Peralta noted that staff must be focused on making a good government, thinking in the best interests of the citizenship

Written by: pelaut, 22 Feb 2014 8:44 AM
From: United States
Offer too much benefits and salary, and all you get is primos, palas and doughnut eaters hopping on the free lunch bandwagon, and they don't have any principles either.

Offer too little, and at least you get guys that don't come for the doughnuts, but guys that actually want to be cops.

Low pay is no excuse ever.
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