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I. Dittren, Center, Pedro Richardson, left.
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Santo Domingo.-  The ruling PLD and the opposition PRD and PRM parties on Wednesday agreed to abide by the “golden rule” on municipalities, to be made official at a press conference Thursday.

PLD Municipal Affairs secretary Ignacio Ditrén said senior leaders of his party met with counterparts of other organizations, and will make an announcement 10am today at the hotel Barcelo Santo Domingo. "We will make an announcement that will bring tranquility to the political family and to the municipality."

He also confirmed it the PRD general Secretary of the and Mayor of Los Alcarrizos, Junior Santos, who yesterday led a press conference with mayors of that organization, which said that officially the PRD has 55 mayors.

PRD municipal secretary Pedro Richardson said the “golden rule” agreement to elect the city council officials is one of the contributions to democracy by his party to respect majority rule."Municipal governance agreements, originally proposed by our leader (deceased)  José Francisco Peña Gómez, are part of the of the PRD’s contributions to decentralize and strengthen local governments."

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