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Santo Domingo.- Calling the zika virus a major threat Public Health minister Altagracia Guzman on Tuesday urged women to avert pregnancy on the possibility of giving birth to children with neurological and microcephaly deformations.

She said part of the first three months of pregnancy is vital to the formation of the fetus and the disease in that period `poses a high risk.

Guzman agrees with a Brazilian doctor who recommends that women avoid pregnancy as long as the virus is present.

Hundreds of cases of children born with microcephaly (small head), have been reported in Brazil, where their mothers contracted zika during pregnancy.

"Every woman of childbearing age and sexually active must use mosquito nets because they have the possibility of having a pregnancy if it´s not planned", the official said.

Guzman also spoke of the need to use repellents containing methyl benzamine, amino-propionic acid and hydroxyethyl, and which the Pan American Health Organization recommends.

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5 comment(s)
Written by: zooma, 12 Jan 2016 9:08 AM
From: United States, and Dominican Republic

""Every woman of childbearing age and sexually active must use mosquito nets because they have the possibility of having a pregnancy if it´s not planned", the official said."

The above could have been better written, presented. You would think it is an advisory to use the nets as a contraceptive.

I would suggest, Not to quote the official but to explain her statement in the manner, "Every woman of childbearing age and sexually active in an interest to avoid the Zika virus risk must use mosquito nets because of a possibility of their giving birth to a deformed child should they contract the mosquito borne virus during pregnancy".

Written by: ciber, 12 Jan 2016 9:39 AM
From: United States
Stop Sex but not the Mosquitos. I do not think the idea will work ! Sex is big buisness here and mosquitos are very small. Sex makes money Mosquitos none.
Written by: DomRat, 12 Jan 2016 6:30 PM
From: Dominican Republic
Will the small headed individuals be noticed. There are professions such as lawyers or politicians where the handicap will not be apparent. Does it have a tendency to affect parts of the skull housing the portions of the brain inclined later to influence materialism and greed coupled with a sociopathetic lack of empathy?
Written by: DomRat, 12 Jan 2016 6:35 PM
From: Dominican Republic
I apologize re: my post - to my several lawyer friends - there are certainly some good and needed lawyers. In todays society they are the equivalent of Western gunslingers. Good to have on your side and fearsome when under the control of the unscrupulous.
Written by: ciber, 13 Jan 2016 9:10 AM
From: United States
False alarm no Zika in P.R. Just in Brazil. As for small brains that is a political trait that is rampent here. They make so much money here they do not now how much so they cannot declare as the law demands. If you are mentily impaired you are not liable for your actions.
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