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Miguel Pimentel Kareh, left, was accused of graft at the OISOE govt. agency, but despite strong evidence, Medina, right, chose only to dismiss him.
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Santo Domingo.-  The spokesman of a judicial think tank on Wednesday railed against the Dominican government for signing an out-or court-agreement with the company Odebrecht, and for dismissing officials charged with corruption, instead of seeking convictions.

It's the second time in a many months that Institutionalism and Justice Foundation (FINJUS) vice president Servio Tulio Castaños slams the government headed by Danilo Medina, after demanding on January 11 that "officials bribed by Odebrecht must end up in jail."

He criticized the agreement signed between the Justice Ministry and the Brazilian company and urged the State to seek compensation for its admitted ballooning the cost of works of infrastructure. "That company incurred an improper business model that forced them to sign addenda, after being assigned the projects through tenders."

"We're facing the most emblematic corruption case, not just in Latin America," the attorney said, speaking after the Round Table on Security and Justice.

He also questioned president Medina's now routine measure of only dismissing and not charging those officials linked to corruption.

He cited the case of State-owned Enterprises (CORDE) Leoncio Almánzar, who was dismissed after irregular sales of lands in the barrio Los Tres Brazos to the investment  company Infepa -subsequently Titulatec-, to acquire more than 1.2 million square meters for RD$80.0 million, or a mere RD$66.00 per square meter. 

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2 comment(s)
Written by: Ricardolito, 15 Feb 2017 5:48 PM
From: Dominican Republic, Zona Colonial
pipe dreams .. the chances of conviction are next to zero and the chances of getting the money are close to 100% .
Written by: Adrian29630, 15 Feb 2017 7:04 PM
From: Dominican Republic, Cabrera
Exactly correct. This is just a means of covering up the Dominicans involved and the hope it will have all been forgotten by the time the next election comes round in 2020.

What the DR needs is a Donald Trump. I don't mean his personality but someone outside the mainstream politically and with enough money and personality to sweep the dregs currently in charge under the carpet for good. The unfortunate situation here is that even if such a person existed he would be assassinated before he could really become a threat.
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