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Santo Domingo.- José Rodríguez, who police say killed two journalists in San Pedro de Macorís (east), was found dead Wednesday night in a thicket near the city's Los Multi district.

According to authorities, the accused took his own live when cornered by police just 24 hours after allegedly gunning down radio journalists Leónidas Martínez and Luis Manuel Medina.

Area residents affirm however that there was a shootout that lasted around 10 minutes.

Authorities also said that Rodríguez was hiding in the sugar cane village of La Esperanza, where he had a baseball academy, and had been hiding out in a house of the area since yesterday.

It said Rodriguez, 59, was deported from the US.

During the incident, Dayanina García secretary of the 103FM radio station, was also injured by gunfire.

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3 comment(s)
Written by: Ricardolito, 16 Feb 2017 8:24 AM
From: Dominican Republic, Zona Colonial
We will never know what happened but some earlier photos of the body surrounded by police,which were on the internet , were definitely not in any thicket . We now will never know what was the motive although many theories will be put forward . It was all predictable .
Written by: Adrian29630, 16 Feb 2017 10:48 AM
From: Dominican Republic, Cabrera
Dead men tell no tales!
Written by: Ricardolito, 16 Feb 2017 7:33 PM
From: Dominican Republic, Zona Colonial
No they do not but there is the secretary who is in hospital, guarded,allegedly , by the police who saw the person or two people entering the radio station office. There are now three conflicting reports on how this 59 man died .There are suggestions he was shot dead in a cabaña and there are photos of that , or he shot himself in thickets, no photos of that , or that he was shot by the police in a shoot out ..The latter suggested by locals who probably hate the police.
There is much more to this story and the pollution of the river and lagoon by the industrial company
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