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Santo Domingo.- Roberto Fulcar, coordinator of the last presidential bid of Luis Abinader denied Thursday that the politician's campaign received funds from Odebrecht, and called the accusation "slander."

"As the coordinator of Luis Abinader's presidential campaign and in his own name, I declare that this is a false and slanderous version, and I assure Dominican society that our presidential campaign did not receive any funds from Odebrecht," he said.

The also acting president of the major opposition party (PRM) said Abinader has never been a government official or held any post in which he manage, evaluated, negotiated or assigned works to that Brazilian construction company, calling it an "abuse to mention him" in relation to Odebrecht's bribes and ballooned costs of public works.

He said Abinader and his family are law-abiding and stand out for their career of work and honesty, "who don’t deserve a smear campaign, since Luis Abinader is recognized as leader of a party   that contributes to the struggle to preserve Dominican Republic's democracy."

 Fulcar said the PRM's denunciations of corruption have rocked the international community, affecting especially Dominican Republic.

 "It was of Luis Abinader's presidential campaign that in a press conference of February 26, 2016 presented a copy of the check for more than 16 million pesos, paid with public funds to Joao Santana, main adviser of Danilo Medina and key piece in the Odebrecht's corruption scheme," Fulcar said in a press release.

"The PRM was also the one that presented the video with ample details on the Odebrecht file and its Dominican chapter, and that it was object of censorship."

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