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That was an excellent informative article. You indentified the problems facing infrastructure reconstruction in Haiti.

May I add the following information on selection of project management structures, the selection of personnel and project control and accountability.

If your neighbor Haiti, would institute the use of senior project staff who are (US) PMI or (UK) MAPM qualified and in addition institute standard international project management procedures (FIDIC contracts, etc.), this would go a long way toward success.

The other requirement should be a transparent control and tracking system such as the Earned Value Management System (EVM) for all construction and engineering projects greater than $2 million.

This system allows tracking and prediction in real time, of all materials procurement, equipment use and labour aspects of a project. The whole is web-based, standard practice for large complicated and multiple projects.

If combined with say the Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project Scheduling / Project Management systems, it is the best of all worlds. It is also the best approach for large organizations such as the UN to track and predict progress, inclusive of a TQM standard such as ISO9001:2008. Needless to say, corruption and waste would be minimal.

Written by: Eur Ing Clyde L. Symonds CEng MAPM, Bermuda
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3 comment(s)
Written by: Hispaniola, 2 Sep 2010 3:02 PM
From: United States, NYC
As a 23 year old I have always noticed the demographic changes when I would visit la Isla annually throughout my childhood. The sad case is that we are being out-breeded. Both countries holding about ten million citizens on each side on a island with a limited number of resources. Please take into consideration that does not include the illegal Haitian immigrants that are currently in the Republic.

My brothers and sisters this is not about purifying but perserving.

Some of you can look in the mirror right now and ask yourselves
do you want to live in such land? Where your daughters are no
longer safe? Where law has no order? Everything behind metal
bars? More sexual deviance introduced into our youth culture?

Stand up Dominican brother!
The time has come.
Written by: manolin, 18 Sep 2010 10:32 PM
From: Dominican Republic
haiti progress and rebuilt cannot be possible without a correct and effective direction, the political structure of haiti is non functional because dont match the cultural profile of the nation you cannot make an free ellection in a military invaded country where the most popular leader is forbided to participate ( J B Aristide). Also if Haitians dont quit their hate feeling against the dominican people, whose are the force that can fast and effective rebuilt haiti with the haitians workers that had beeing trained in building thecnology in DR. also using all the working force capacity we can develop so many agricultural and industrial bussiness in haiti but only with real personal security for our people when working there
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