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Havana.– The Cuban medication Policosanol, known by the commercial name of PPG, has gained ground in the international market, especially in Latin America, Europe and Australia. 

According to experts, PPG is a dietary supplement for people undergoing situations of special effort, senior citizens and athletes. It also helps to regulate metabolic changes, mainly high cholesterol levels. 

Policosanol, which is made of sugarcane wax, has gained good prestige and international fame among consumers and the scientific community in several countries. 

PPG has been commercialized by Dalmer Laboratories and was developed by the Havana-based National Center for Scientific Research (CENIC). 

Dalmer Laboratories also commercializes natural products, including Vasoactol, a dietary supplement for senior citizens or people under special effort or physical deterioration. 

Another product marketed by Dalmer Laboratories is Abesol, which is made of bee wax and whose antioxidant properties contribute to improving the symptoms of gastric ailments such as ulcer and gastritis.

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