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Less forest cover is the first tell-tale sign.
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SANTO DOMINGO.- Dominican Republic’s sustained growth throughout more than 50 years hasn’t had a significant impact in the eradication of poverty, and has been reached at the cost of a deteriorated natural resources base on which present and future Dominicans depend.

Environment minister Omar Ramirez made the statement yesterday, who also affirmed that the country needs to harness the development of alternative forms of tourism, such as eco-tourism, to preserve the environment and create ecological awareness in tourists and the population.

He said as head of the work group created by president Leonel Fernandez to identify the interventions needed to reach the Milennium Development Objectives, Environment proposed a shift  where the environment and the conservation of resources are seen based on the economic returns and environmental assets and services they can generate.

The official spoke to open a seminar on the “Organization of the territory as instrument for sustainable development” hosted yesterday by the Environment and Economy ministries with the support of Spain’s International Cooperation Agency (AECID).

He said although the increase in tourism has benefitted the economy and Dominican society, he must consider the ecosystems’ load-bearing capacity to assure environmental and economic sustainability for the coming generations. “Aside from securing the natural potentialities, it’s we need to confront the serious environmental problems derived from the population’s pressure, mainly in the urban centers, the problems of deforestation, depletion of hydric resources, water quality  and deterioration of the coastal ecosystems.”

The seminar-workshop’s objective is that all government agencies, local governments, business and civil society agree on an environmental agenda and  territorial organization, that allows Dominican Republic to comply with the international environmental sustainability standards.

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6 comment(s)
Written by: mrios, 30 Jul 2008 2:47 PM
From: United States
It's about time......Omar Ramirez is somebody who makes great sense........................that's... "COMMEND SENSE" I just hope the Dominican government takes this issue very serious, for it's a matter of life, future or death.
Written by: GhoulishColon This user is banned, 30 Jul 2008 7:31 PM
From: United States
If increased economic development is causing environmental deterioration .. the solution is obvious .. cut back on economic development .. have fewer kids .. eat less .. drink less . wear less . and allow the environment to recover .. that could also mean a reduction in tourism .. since tourism places a strain on the environment. We also need a "transactional matrix" showing the tradeoffs between population growth, production, employment and environmental impacts. Use that to determine "indifference curves" and derive "marginal rates of substitution". Then develop a rational set of criteria to determine the balance between society and evironment.
Written by: Sleepyhollowguy, 4 Aug 2008 6:03 PM
From: United States
the Dominican population isn't really growing, i believe it's less than 2 percent, So i don't think it's a problem, but The dominican republic does have immgration problems with haiti. Also i don't believe the republic should slow economic development mostly because they simply can't and it would be unfair for those that live in poverty. It easy for someone to say eat less, drink less but an american wastes 100x more water and energy. I believe the soultion should be to use greener tech and import more raw material into the country. Also a limit on urban exspansion would be a good idea both for energy and land use.
Written by: Anonymous, 8 Aug 2008 1:07 PM
From: United States

I believe any country can slow economic development if they want, but i don't think that is a necessary thing for DR. As for poverty in DR, i do not believe that the poor are reaping as many benefits from the economic prosperity of DR. I believe that the Europeans and the rich dominicans are reaping the benefits. For the poor, they will continue to be poorer unless something is done with social programs. I am not a president or know what it takes to be one, but I honestly think DR should focus on developing its people. What's the purpose of having huge high rises, glitzy this and that, when the local people can't be the owners or even be the main beneficiaries to this boom.
Written by: mrios, 8 Aug 2008 7:56 PM
From: United States
I AGREE WITH YOU 100 % thank you for your input.
Written by: andinice, 28 Nov 2008 5:39 PM
From: United States
A democracy cannot survive with out education, healthcare. We need stable government laws that will stabilize the economy. Within my first two years of presidency I will focus on stopping crime, improving education, and proving jobs. I will take care of those with help in need. My main focus will entail reforming the government laws and in return we will see a much improve Dominican Republic. Compare to more modernized economy’s most of the Dominican people live in poverty. My plan is to provide opportunities to those who believe that hard work pays of. I assure you that if we work firm towards the same common goal we will see a much improve Dominican Republic. We can do anything we want, we just have to put our mind into it and we need to have the right leadership to do it.

I will use my marketing experience to market the Dominican Republics natural resources, hotels, and beach. We will focus on maximizing the production of that which our natural resources give us an advantage of.
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