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NEW YORK, May 18th. - Bill Clinton, former president of the United States, has been named United Nations' Special Envoy to Haiti to help rebuild the impoverished nation after numerous natural disasters and food shortages have brought the population in to further poverty and despair.

Clinton told The Miami Herald in a statement, "It is an honor to accept the secretary general's invitation to become special envoy to Haiti. Last year's natural disasters took a great toll, but Haiti's government and people have the determination and ability to `build back better,' not just to repair the damage done but to lay the foundations for the long-term sustainable development.'' Clinton and U.S. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited the country two months ago to raise attention for Haiti's rebuilding program following a year of storms. Four back-to-back hurricanes left nearly 800 dead and caused nearly $1 billion in damages, the Herald said.

Clinton's foundation has been active in Haiti for years, working on issues such as health care, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, and restoring the environment.

Clinton has been involved with Haiti since his first term as president, using the threat of force to pressure military coup leaders into restoring ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.In 2005, President Bill Clinton endorsed the humanitarian work of the Batey Relief Alliance and made an emotional plea asking for disaster relief support for the organization, after Hurricane Jeanne left a path of destruction in Haiti while killing 4000 people. Click HERE to view video. The Batey Relief Alliance partners with the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative and USAID to implement projects that benefit both the populations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

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12 comment(s)
Written by: FredCDobbs This user is banned, 21 May 2009 3:21 PM
From: Dominican Republic, Parque Colon statue of Anacaona
more golf time for Bubba at Casa
Written by: etiennc01, 22 May 2009 11:20 AM
From: United States
Good Luck Bubba !
Written by: agibus This user is banned, 25 May 2009 1:43 PM
From: United States
Bubba Bubba Baba Bada
Written by: FredCDobbs This user is banned, 25 May 2009 2:09 PM
From: Dominican Republic, Parque Colon statue of Anacaona
Bubba Bing Bubba Boom !
Written by: Docpeters, 25 May 2009 8:46 PM
From: United States Virgin Islands
Hopefully, this is good news for Haiti. Hopefully, Clinton political savoir-faire and reputation will ensure that rebuilding projects for Haiti will come to life. Hopefully, there will be less corruption under the eyes of Bubba. Clinton should look at reviving Haiti's agriculture so that Haiti can grow its own food. If 30% of the population can work in agriculture and construction, there will be less illegal Haitians crossing the border into the Dominican Republic and less boat people going over to Florida. The Haitian diaspora sends 2 Billion dollars per year back home. 10% ($200 millions per year) should be appropriated to fix roads, electricity, education, health, create employment, promote tourism on islands such as Tortuga and Port-Morgan where it would be easier to manage.
Written by: agibus This user is banned, 27 May 2009 12:00 PM
From: United States
Clinton is a political beast.As USpresident he sent troops in Haiti.Humiliating haitan army ,destroying all barracks.Gave safe exit for Gral Cedras.Made a big show back to power for Aristide.See the desastrous results.
Haiti is USbackyard .Clinton words
Virtual Governor will be in charge of the 1st Black Republic.
Written by: Bailarin This user is banned, 29 May 2009 9:35 AM
From: Dominican Republic
Lottsa brown sugar for Slick Willy the sugar daddy in these parts of paradise . oooo boooy . Hes nothing but a sweet uncle Adolph trying to'' whiten up'' the country with a new breed of star spangled redneck sax players . Other than making a total international disgrace of his country and reaping millions fo dollars selling the punch line , the guy did absolutly '' jack'' . Now he uses the proceeds to buy up third world liablities and sponsor a few Haitian babies ? Haiti will be at the top of the Global food chain in 6 months !
Written by: FredCDobbs This user is banned, 29 May 2009 11:35 AM
From: Dominican Republic, Parque Colon statue of Anacaona
Bubba Bing Bubba Boom !
Written by: miloskorac, 22 Jun 2009 10:35 PM
From: South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Written by: FredCDobbs This user is banned, 23 Jun 2009 5:17 AM
From: Dominican Republic, Parque Colon statue of Anacaona
still pissed off about what he did in former Yugoslavia ?
Written by: manolin, 25 Jun 2009 6:31 PM
From: Dominican Republic
Bubba sure goes to make another Mena airport at Haiti for more efficient product carry to USA , babes from the irak war needs coca for feel good, cause the bloody bath in desert is a nightmare that comes daily at mind, good luck Bubba, dont smell the zombies powder, its dangerous to health
Written by: Docpeters, 26 Jun 2009 8:55 AM
From: United States Virgin Islands
A better Haiti equal a better Dominican Republic. Check this video out from the Haitian Prime Minister Pierre-Louis:;qwxq=4913293#Comments_Container
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