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The rubble still causes health problems.
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On December 3 MOSCTHA joins efforts with NY local community in building a new health clinic in the town of Petit-Goave, center of the 2010 natural disaster in Haiti.

New York.- The Socio Cultural Movement for Haitian Workers announced the Fundraising Event MOSCTHA: Break the Silence, to be held on December 3, 2011. The generous support given by the local community will contribute to MOSCTHA planning, construction and sustainability programs for a new clinic in Petit-Goave, Haiti. In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, this town lacks health care services and a hospital for its population exceeding 13,000 inhabitants. The former Haitian Consul General in Dominican Republic and current Minister of Haitians

Living Abroad (MHAVE) is endorsing this initiative and will be the keynote speaker of the winter event.

MOSCTHA initiative of the Petit-Goave new clinic aims at responding to the difficult health conditions in the Latin American country. The Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IDJH) recently reported that “Haiti is still wounded” and that “there are more than 320,000 cases of cholera reported since the natural disaster. Previous to the earthquake, not a single case of cholera had been registered.” The

World Health Organization expects the number of cholera cases in Haiti to reach 500,000 by the end of 2011. Therefore MOSCTHA joins efforts with the NY community to continue improving the health and lives of the most vulnerable people in Haiti by holding a fundraising event. During these years, the

Haitian diaspora and multicultural citizens around the United States have shown a great financial assistance and political commitment to lessen the on-going devastating effects of the tragedy occurred in

January 12, 2010. “MOSCTHA: Break the Silence” is an opportunity for different populations, government bodies and civil society organizations across the US to reinforce the importance and urgency of taking Haiti out of the debris left by the catastrophe.

“We dream the day when a family can receive the care they urgently need, we dream birthdays of children growing without the pervasive shadow of disease. But we are not alone, this is the dream of Governments, civil society, citizens in Haiti and worldwide. The Petit-Goave new clinic initiative is a step closer to make this dream a reality,” said MOSCTHA-USA Director, Edison Suero.

MOSCTHA: Break the Silence will feature a silent auction promoting medical equipment and Haitian arts.

Supplies and surgical apparatuses such as hospital beds, surgical tables, will be auctioned to MOSCTHA supporters and sent to the clinic. This will enable MOSCTHA supporters to have a direct impact on the functioning of the facility. The medical equipment will be auctioned together with traditional crafted pieces from Haiti. Funds from the art auction will be used to purchase more equipment for the clinic.

“MOSCTHA focuses on promoting education, developing medical infrastructures in underserved area and fostering cooperative communities. The goal is to maximize resources to improve the conditions of as many as we can in Haiti. We seek not just to aid, but empower people and their different social and cultural backgrounds,” said MOSCTHA Founder Dr. Joseph Cherubin.

One of the organization’s achievements is Dominican clinic, Centro de Salud Integral: La Solidaridad, accredited for its outstanding health program. The same program will be established at the new health clinic in Haiti, named Centre de Sante Integral: La Solidarite. With the establishment of this new center,

MOSCTHA will continue providing comprehensive health services to vulnerable populations in Haiti, guaranteeing quality services that will improve the quality of life for many.

For all press inquiries, contact: Edison Suero (347-534-2033)

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Written by: DONT_BE_SILENT, 19 Nov 2011 11:03 AM
From: Dominican Republic, Yo Soy Luis Diaz
So much misery in this country, and this Idiot is thinking about putting an army together.
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