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La Cana golf links, Puntacana Resort Club.
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Program includes packages and registration form for amateurs

Santo Domingo.-  The 1st Dominican Republic Golf Open will be staged from November 9 to 14 in the resort Punta Cana, La Altagracia province (east), where professional and amateur golfers from several countries are expected to compete.

The promoters said international pros are already registering for the event and announced that the Ministry of Tourism is the tournament’s principal sponsor, with a US$85,000 contribution for the Professional Purse

For registration in the tournament amateurs and professionals may contact Carole Tremblay at, phone numbers 809-802-3604 or 954-237-3483.

The promoters also note that there are packages for the professional as well as amateur golfers staying in the hotel., for which they expect a match with serious play but also for enjoyment. “We hope you come and play this fun tournament.”

For more information contact” Carole Tremblay, Telephones 954-237-3483 or 809-802-3604.

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11 comment(s)
Written by: Ricardolito, 4 Oct 2010 2:34 PM
From: Dominican Republic, Zona Colonial
I really doubt if Dominicans can organise a tournament like this in a satisfactory way so I hope they engage some good outside assistance so each round commences on time and finishes within 4 or 4.5 hours ..not the normal 5 or 6 hours that previous Golf Opens have taken .
Written by: BigBossHoss, 4 Oct 2010 4:22 PM
From: United States
It will be interesting to see how many international professionals will enter. What is the amount of the purse? Punta Cana will have a difficult time competing against the Nicklaus course and the Senior Tour they host right next door. Perhaps they should consider what Casa de Campo has done and try and attract Pro Am teams.
Written by: golfchallenge, 4 Oct 2010 6:38 PM
From: Dominican Republic
in response toRicardolito yes they did engage outsiders and time will be respect. OJALA!!!!

in response to BigBossHoss: it has nothing to do with the Champion Tour, most of the pros coming from outside plays on different tours, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Guatemala, Canada, US, Puerto Rico, Cayman Island, Switzerland. It is not a PGA tour Event.
Casa de Campo is Casa de Campo - don't mix things

There is an amateur division also if interested go and click for the brochure.
Written by: BigBossHoss, 4 Oct 2010 6:52 PM
From: United States
In response to golfchallenge

You are correct, it is not a PGA Tour event - brilliant dedcution. What kind of quality golf professionals do you think you will draway from "Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Guatemala, Canada, US, Puerto Rico, Cayman Island, Switzerland" for goodness sakes? That is exactly why they will have a difficult time competing for good players. What made Casa de Campo was their Pro Ams drawing club professionals from the United States bringing amatuer teams down for the week. Casa is best equipped to handle the Americans than any place in the D.R. Casa de Campo is recognized in the USA as a ture golf destination with one of the best Pete Dye courses in the world. . Punta Cana has way to go before they can compete for that kind of title.
Holiday? Yes? Golf? Doesn't compare to Casa.

Nonetheless, we wish them well in their efforts. Hope is it better organized than some of the past events. They should take a lesson from Casa de Campo.
Written by: PuntaCanaMike, 4 Oct 2010 7:08 PM
From: Dominican Republic
$85,000 would buy 85,000 notebooks for students in Bavaro/Punta Cana. Tourism is in need of educated residents...not golfers.
Don't get me wrong...I enjoy a twice yearly round (cannot afford the Mercedes/BMW courses here...nor can most) but I do not see where the Ministry should be financially supporting this to that extent.
Lets educate those who are here now, for the future of Bavaro. Once we have reached an educational standard...then we can start the recreational support.

BTW...nice website...cannot get past the intro page!
Written by: PuntaCanaMike, 4 Oct 2010 7:09 PM
From: Dominican Republic
Nice....10 minutes now of loading! Very professional!
Written by: BigBossHoss, 4 Oct 2010 7:21 PM
From: United States
To PuntaCanaMike

Good point re: educating the residents. Who is making the $$ on this tournament? Somebody is making money. Is the resort, the airport, the golf courses? And where does that money go? To school books or note books? Do they say it is a charity event? Re: the website - Typical. Getting the cart before the horse.
Written by: golfchallenge, 4 Oct 2010 9:33 PM
From: Dominican Republic
good night no comments....
Written by: Ricardolito, 4 Oct 2010 10:02 PM
From: Dominican Republic, Zona Colonial
Like Punta Cana Mike I found the fedo Golf site annoyingly slow and lacking good information ,,,they need to do something there ,
However , it did say that the Golf Federation had raised a purse(although it used bolsa) for the professionals and I think this is needed to start off a professional event here that in due course will have the ability to assist charities as the various tours do in the USA. I do not think there is anything wrong in that and I imagine the resorts , the airports and the golf courses will all make some money from the event .
The more attention and publicity that is given to the great golf courses in the la Romana and Punta Cana Bavaro areas ,the better off we all will be .Eventually it will be great when the courses can all work together and offer visitors a great package to play the 3 Casa de Campo courses , La Estancia , the 3 great courses at Punta Cana and also the great new Nicklaus course the other side of Bavaro .
Written by: MrkdPhase, 4 Oct 2010 10:15 PM
From: United States, New York City
Probably they took the land away from poor farmers.
Written by: BigBossHoss, 5 Oct 2010 7:45 AM
From: United States
To Richardolito:

Having all the courses "work together" is like COKE and PEPSI deciding to work together. Won't happen. Perhaps a golt tour company will be able to put some 'packages' together now that the new highway will make the trip from Punta Cana to La Romano feasable.

There is too much selfishness in Punta Cana for that to happen though. The PC resort doesn't even want to recognize that the wonderful Cap Cana golf course exists. And they don't give any respect to Casa de Campo either. The other courses up the coast are mediorce at best. Ro Ko Ki is a waste. There are no 4 or 5 start courses even available in the PC area. They simply do not know how to maintain a quality golf course to make the area a golf destination. Cap Cana is the only public-access course in the PC area worthy of playing.

Casa de Campo has long catered to the Americans & Canadians and have been successful in getting them to spend the US$ there. Teeth of the Dog is 5 Star plus
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