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David Ortiz celbrates with his former team, Leones del Escogido.
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Santo Domingo.- The Leones of Santo Domingo will take the Dominican baseball crown to the Caribbean series, after winning over Santiago’s Aguilas in a 6 to 5 in heart stopper in the capital’s Quisqueya Stadium Monday night.

The Aguilas had taken the early lead 4 to 1 before the fifth inning, but the Leones inched back to tie it in the seventh, and scoring the winning run on a dribbler up the middle that drove in a runner from third.

The Leones will host the Caribbean Baseball Series from February 2 to 7, when the champions from Mexico, Puerto Rico and Venezuela will play six games each for the region’s crown.

The game played in the home stadium Quisqueya began 5:05pm, with the Aguilas scoring 2 in the second, one each in the third and the tying run in the top of the 9th, but the Leones, who scored one in the fourth, and seventh, and three in the 8th, and the American Andy Dirks drove in the winner in the bottom of the 9th.


Inning:        1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9     R   H   E 

Aguilas       0  2  1  1  0  0  0  0  1     5    8    5 

Escogido    0  0  0  1  0  0  1  3  1     6   13   2

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22 comment(s)
Written by: jhcl2012, 30 Jan 2012 11:19 PM
From: United States, PA - Mas pa'lante, ¡Manos a la obra!
escogido campeón!

Written by: Atabey, 30 Jan 2012 11:20 PM
From: United States, Bring DT Forum Back--
Tooooooooooooooo many errors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's what hurts most. We gave it away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Written by: xwill7, 31 Jan 2012 12:05 AM
From: United States, El cuarto bate
What the heck did big papi have to do with the win??? Post a pic of the American that made the game winning hit!
Written by: RonEvane This user is banned, 31 Jan 2012 12:09 AM
From: United States, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Oh, the agony!....Nooooo!..It can't be!
Say it ain't so, Joe!
Written by: anthonyC, 31 Jan 2012 12:35 AM
From: United States
As a Licey Fan I have to thank Escogido. Saved us from having to listen to the silly rantings from the fans of the Cuyayas!!!!
Written by: stillhere, 31 Jan 2012 10:07 AM
From: Dominican Republic
just scraped into the final 4 then the wallet opened.... Two wins three year ... we are back baby...
Written by: xwill7, 31 Jan 2012 10:25 AM
From: United States, El cuarto bate
Funny how Licey fans jump onto the bandwagon. True Aguilas fans do not switch teams never! You guys are not true fans.
Written by: Atabey, 31 Jan 2012 10:28 AM
From: United States, Bring DT Forum Back--
Aguilucho hasta la muerte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Written by: ings0389, 31 Jan 2012 10:59 AM
From: United States
YAYYY AGUILAS LOST!!!! That's ALL we have to celebrate haha :D
Written by: xwill7, 31 Jan 2012 12:31 PM
From: United States, El cuarto bate
Licey lost first. I think that Licey is hurting more
Written by: xwill7, 31 Jan 2012 12:32 PM
From: United States, El cuarto bate
La llenura de tigre le dio diarrea a las Aguilas. Aguilucho asta la muerte!!!
Written by: xwill7, 31 Jan 2012 12:33 PM
From: United States, El cuarto bate
Too many fat baseball players down there
Written by: ings0389, 31 Jan 2012 12:38 PM
From: United States
HAHAHA I dont think so... Licey did not lose first.. but is worst for Aguilas because they thought they were gonna win (like always) and then pau pau... hurt hurt, and against Escogido, even worse!!! first winning then left eating dust...
Pa bajarle los humos a los Aguiluchos mala clase!! YAY... Aguilas should never represent the DR.. that's the worse of the worse!!

Y por cierto.. hasta con h... eduquense AGUILUCHOS TRUCHOS!
Written by: xwill7, 31 Jan 2012 1:59 PM
From: United States, El cuarto bate
Too many lambones de los Licey en la capital!!! Wow you switch colors fast!
Written by: lovingit, 31 Jan 2012 2:16 PM
From: United States, Delaware
It was a great series... too bad my Aguilas lost.

My respect to the Escogido, let's support them now in the Caribbean World Series being hosted in Santo Domingo starting Thursday.

Arriba RD!!!
Written by: lovingit, 31 Jan 2012 2:35 PM
From: United States, Delaware

We know you could care less about baseball, but respect those that do care.

I could care less about Rugby and maybe if I learned its rules and was exposed to it, it would grow on me, especially since I am a Sports Fan in general. Maybe if you gave baseball a chance and thought more beyond a guy throwing a ball and another swinging it with a stick (oh look at that! it sounds like Cricket which is popular in non-baseball playing countries.. actually played in the streets of DR, commonly known as "La Plaquita") then you could will probably notice that the sport is much more than a ball and a stick, and that there is a lot that goes on, especially in thought processes.
Written by: xwill7, 31 Jan 2012 2:35 PM
From: United States, El cuarto bate
loving it is correct but no one from Licey should have jumoed in with the lions lol.
Written by: RoyStone, 31 Jan 2012 2:51 PM
From: Australia

I do not have a problem with baseball - It looks like fun and I'd probably enjoy playing it. I don't have a problem with most sports - it is good social fun, good exercise, and improves coordination.

However I have no interest in watching any sport. If more people played instead of watching, imagine what better world we would have.
Written by: Arcangel96, 31 Jan 2012 4:05 PM
From: Dominican Republic
Los Leones del Escogido Campeones 2011-2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Very Happy!)
Written by: ojedamaggiolo80, 31 Jan 2012 5:22 PM
From: Dominican Republic
Los Leonos del Escogido Campeones!!!!!!!
Written by: antonio1, 31 Jan 2012 8:00 PM
From: Dominican Republic, Av Santa Rosa, La Romana
Great ball game.....lets bring back to DR the Caribe title.
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