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Jake Kheel
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Jake Kheel works with sustainable development models in tourism

The Punta Cana Foundation, supported by the tourist complex of the same name maintains a large ecological reserve of plants and birds

The Punta Cana Ecological Foundation celebrated the World Environment Day planting more than 500 mahogany trees and other species in extinction together with residents in the communities of Verón and Juanillo.

Ecological Foundation executive Jake Kheel said that since May 31 activities to benefit the environment have been held in the country’s zone, mainly with the high school students from Verón, Juanillo and other area schools.

Kheel, who began working with Punta Cana founder Ted Kheel, is also working with developing models for sustainability through education in New York City’s “Nurture New York's Nature” programs.

He said the Foundation also works with sustainable development programs in tourism.

"We have 1500 acres of lands that we keep as a reserve and within that we have an ecological reserve that has several interesting species of plants and birds, he said, adding that the reserve is also a refuge for iguanas, which are in danger of extinction.

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