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New York.– A hotel in Egypt, a lodge in Tanzania and a company that helped launch the idea of carbon-neutral travel are among the winners of Travel + Leisure magazine's Global Vision Awards.

The award for "green/eco hotel initiative" was won by two properties: Adrere Amellal Oasis in Egypt, and Tanzania's Singita Grumeti Reserves.

The Egyptian hotel, described as a "Berber-style oasis," and the Singita Grumeti Reserves, a luxury safari lodge in the Serengeti, were cited as examples of for-profit conservation, a relatively new business model for hotels that want to be ecologically correct.

Travel + Leisure's award for innovation went to the CarbonNeutral Company, which offers a way for travelers to erase the impact of their trips through carbon offsetting. When you fly or drive, the carbon dioxide emissions from your plane or car contribute to global warming.

At the Web site, you can calculate the carbon emissions from your trip based on the mileage, and then choose a project to support financially that will offset the damage to the environment.

For example, you can contribute your support to maintaining a forest somewhere in the world, or to a new energy-efficient technology that reduces global dependence on fossil fuels. The amount of your donation is in proportion to the mileage of your trip and the damage done to the environment.

Other Global Vision Award winners were the Acre State Government in Brazil, which is preserving 9.9 million acres of forest while accommodating ranchers, farmers and trbies; Aid to Artisans, which brings handicrafts from local workers to the global marketplace; Seacology in San Francisco, which provides islanders around the world schools, clinics and sanitation systems in exchange for agreements prohibiting logging, over-fishing and other practices; British Airways, which was honored for its "immense philanthropic portfolio"; and the Shaxi Rehabilitation Project, which is restoring an ancient city in China.

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