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Santiago.- The Strategic Council of Santiago (CDES) and the Dominican Integral Development Institute (IDDI) on Wednesday agreed to promote environmental sustainability and adaptation to climate change.

The agreed to boost initiatives linked to the National Development Strategy 2030, Law 1-12 and the Santiago Strategic Plan 2020 (PES), especially projects to achieve sustainability, Santiago Green, and Yaque River’s Friends.

CDES president Carlos A. Fondeur and IDDI CEO David Luther signed the agreement during a ceremony at the Edificio Empresarial, site for the conference, Santiago’s Challenges.

Fondeur stressed the need to provide and exchange information and updated data on climate change, as well as the commitment to generate specific risk management programs, carried out by the NGO Santiago Solidario.

In his lecture, David Luther listed the most critical indicators on climate change and provided specific information about climate change in Dominican Republic and the world.

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Written by: josearias, 10 Aug 2014 4:11 PM
From: United States
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