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Dominican consulate closed in Philadelphia.
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NEW YORK.- With yesterday’s closing of the Dominican consulate in Philadelphia, more than 30,000 Dominicans are affected, and totals 4 consular offices already closed in the United States, the ones in Jackson Hill, Baltimore and Chicago.

Foreign minister Carlos Morales Troncoso ordered the close of operations in the Philadelphia consulate via memo 30814, dated November 4 and received that same day by the consul Wilson Diaz.

The Foreign Ministry disposed the immediate closing of all office services which were provided for Dominicans and foreigners in the region, without prior notice.

Diaz said that the consulate’s area of influence was Pennsylvania, Delaware and southern New Jersey, and that for 20 years the Dominican community in that region needed its services to get and renew passports and powers of attorney for business reasons, among other facilities.

In addition to the consul Diaz in the consulate of Philadelphia there were five vice-consuls and about 7 consular aids. Diaz occupied those same functions during the first peledeísta government (1996-2000). Nevertheless, any decree in the consular legation had still not been received yesterday indicating the destitution of the personnel.

Regarding the consulate in Baltimore, Carlos Féliz was honorary consul, who was transferred to New York and has yet to receive decree confirming his dismissal.

Resulting from the consular closings, Dominicans will feel the pinch, because the Dominican consulate in New Orleans was unavoidably closed, whose offices provisionally operate from a private residence in Houston, Texas, after the hurricane.

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2 comment(s)
Written by: Emmanuel Martinez, 8 Nov 2005 8:46 PM
From: New York City
A reason should be given as to why consulates in areas highly populated by Dominicans are being closed. Even if a simple reason as budgetary constraints is given. Thanks.
Written by: Maria Sanchez, 11 Nov 2005 12:55 AM
From: Atlantic City, New Jersey
I would love to know why they are closing down our Consulate offices. Now what used to take me 3 hours to do will take me 8 hours because I have to drive to New York or New Jersey, I dont know DON"T Philadelphia and New Jersey count as much as New York. I bet they would never dare close that one down.
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